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Building Australia Block by Block™ ZEGO® Series 150-200-250 ZEGO® Fire Form™ only 6 interconnects per form Fire ratings to FRL's 240/240/240 ZEGO® uses only 100% flame retardant EPS Cast reinforced concrete 70mm to 800mm + wide Form 300mm high 2.8 per m² (Metric) 50mm Interlock & Intersect Multiple cost savings due to speed with less labour Easier material handling Patented Dovetail grooves (for render & plasterboard support) Patented Wall Brace scaffold system Insulation ratings R1.5 to R10+ Sound Transmission (STC) 55+ Cyclone rated to Cat 4 or 70m per sec (252kmh) Termite, rodent & mildew proof External Insulated Facade System (EIFs) Sheeting 52mm, 60mm, 100mm+ ZEGO® Training Learn the art of building faster with ZEGO® Building Systems Preparation Installation Concrete pouring Services (Electrical & Plumbing) Rendering & plasterboard To find out more about the next workshop near you, call us on 1300 13 ZEGO (1300 13 9346) or visit our website for upcoming dates. Call now to discuss using ZEGO® (ICF's) for your next construction project. Domestic Forms (ICFs) Commercial Fire Forms™ (ICFs) Or view video and data on our website ZEGO Pty Limited GPO Box 4774 Sydney NSW 2001 Ph: (02) 9651 2277 Fax: (02) 9651 2477 Email: quotes ABN 43 095 885 868 Product Information Guide Australia Wide Ph 1300 13 ZEGO (1300 13 9346) World Wide Head Office Ph +612 9651 2277 APPROVED FOR UP TO 6 POINTS Towards your continuing professional development (CPD). Simply quote your license number (if applicable) when booking your place. ZEGO® An environmentally friendly product! ©Copyright 2001 Registered Design ZEGO® is a Trademark Patented construction system manufactured under license to Magu® Germany. ZEGO® An environmentally friendly product!

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Domestic Forms (ICFs) Building Systems Building Systems Domestic Forms (ICFs) Commercial Fire Forms™ (ICFs) ReFORM™ Z-Board™ (EIFS) ZEGO® Original Domestic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) is a sacrificial permanent formwork that you pour concrete into. The foam forms are hollow and filled with reinforced concrete (32mpa, 10mm, 180mm slump). Suitable for domestic and commercial buildings, sheds, basements, swimming pools, retaining walls, cellars, cool rooms and many more applications, the domestic ICF's are available in 3 sizes, 150-200-250 series. ZEGO® Domestic ICF's are fast to install...

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