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DESCRIPTION The 18 SEER Series unit is the outdoor part of a versatile climate system. It is designed with a matching indoor coil component from Johnson Controls Unitary Products. Available for typical applications, this climate system is supported with accessories and documents to serve specific functions. TECHNICAL GUIDE AFFINITYTM SERIES SPLIT-SYSTEM HEAT PUMPS 18 SEER – R-410A – 1 PHASE 2 THRU 5 NOMINAL TONS MODELS: YZH024 THRU 060 Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. Visit us on the web at and Additional rating information can be found at WARRANTY SUMMARY* Extended 10-Years limited parts warranty. Extended Lifetime limited compressor warranty. Extended parts and compressor warranties require online registration within 90 days of purchase for replacement or closing for new home construction. *Does not apply to R-22 models, 3-Phase models, or internet sales. See Limited Warranty certificate in User's Information Manual for details. Superior Coil Protection - A stamped, decorative metal coil guard protects the tube-in-fin coil from debris and other damaging material. Protected Compressor - The compressor is safeguarded against abnormal pressures and temperatures by an internal pressure relief valve, an internal temperature sensor, and factory high and low pressure system controls. A factory installed liquid line filter-drier further protects the compressor against moisture and debris. Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant - The next generation refrigerant R-410A delivers environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion. Durable Finish - An automotive quality finish provides the ultimate protection from harmful UV rays and rust creep, ensuring a long-lasting, high quality appearance. A powder-paint topcoat is applied over a baked-on primer using a galvanized, zinc coated steel base material. The result is a finish that has been proven in testing to provide 33% greater durability than conventional powder-coat finishes. Hot Heat Pump - An optional mode that slows the indoor fan for higher register air temperatures and premium comfort. QuietDriveTM System - Features combination of swept-wing fan, composite base pan, isolated compressor compartment, and twostage compressor to reduce overall sound to a mere whisper. Low RPM ECM Fan Motor - Helps to reduce airflow noise. Swept Wing Fan - A fan design boasting technology adapted from aeronautic and defense engineering provides for whisperquiet operation by allowing air to flow smoothly and efficiently across the fan tips. Composite Base Pan - The strong and durable composite base pan provides added strength while resisting rust and corrosion, as well as reducing sound and vibration. Isolated Compressor Compartment - A molded composite bulkhead isolates the refrigeration components and the compressor from the rest of the unit, reducing sound and vibration. Lower Installed Cost - Designed to provide enhanced installability by featuring a slide-down control compartment that allows easy access to control components, along with angled service valves to reduce overall installation time and cost. Factory charged for a 15 foot lineset. Factory Installed Filter-Drier - A factory installed, solid core liquid line filter-drier removes harmful debris and moisture from the system. Easy Service Access - A full end, full service access panel with handle makes for easy entry to internal components. Communications Capable - Requiring only a simple 4-wire installation, the communicating capability enables the use of the Touch Screen Communicating Control, allowing real time visibility of system operation and the use of diagnostic features, while still maintaining the ability to function with a traditional thermostat. Complete System Control - These heat pumps utilize the unique York Guard VI microprocessor defrost control system to provide optimal comfort as well as monitor the overall system for reliable operation. In the event improper operating conditions occur (high temperature and/or high pressure), the system will automatically shut the system down to extend the life of the heat pump. The defrost control features an internal memory to aid the technician in troubleshooting, reducing service time and cost. Premium System Warranty - Limited lifetime compressor warranty when registered online within 90 days of installation. Agency Listed - Safety certified by CSA to UL 1995 / CSA 22.2. Performance certified to ANSI/AHRI Standard 210/240 in accordance with the Unitary Small Equipment certification program. FOR DISTRIBUTION USE ONLY - NOT TO BE USED AT POINT OF RETAIL SA

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All dimensions are in inches and are subject to change without notice. Overall height is from bottom of base pan to top of fan guard. Overall length and width include screw heads. Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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1. For applications requiring a TXV use S1-1TVM*** series kit. 2. A TXV kit must be used with these indoor units to obtain system performance. 3. Systems matched with furnaces or air handlers not equipped with blower-off delays may require blower Time Delay Kit S1-2FD06700224. 4. PC coils cannot be used in downflow or horizontal applications. FC coils cannot be used in horizontal applications. 5. Refer to Cooling and Heating Performance Data tables for actual performance for specified system matches. 1. Unit factory charge listed on the unit nameplate includes refrigerant for the outdoor...

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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1. MC coils available with a factory installed horizontal drain pan. See price pages for specific model number. — = Not applicable. MA Modular Air Handlers use Coil Only Ratings. Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products 7

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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Johnson Controls Unitary Products

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