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YXV24 THRU 60 - 1

TECHNICAL GUIDE FOR INSTALLATION IN ALL US REGIONS AND CANADA AFFINITYTM SERIES SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONERS 20 SEER – R-410A – 1 PHASE 2 THRU 5 NOMINAL TONS Installation Allowed Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. Visit us on the web at and Additional rating information can be found at WARRANTY SUMMARY* Extended 10-Years limited parts warranty. Extended Lifetime limited compressor warranty. Extended parts and compressor warranties require online registration within 90 days of purchase for replacement or closing for new home construction. *Does not apply to 3-Phase models, or Internet sales. DESCRIPTION The Affinity™ Series YXV variable capacity air conditioners are the outdoor section of a high efficiency communicating cooling system. They are designed as part of a matched system using an AVV air handler or variable speed communicating furnace with a CM coil. Both the matched CM coil and AVV air handler have factory mounted EEVs. The CM coils with factory mounted EEVs can also be matched with the variable speed MVC modular air handlers. FEATURES • Superior Coil Protection – An easily removable two-piece steel extruded louver coil guard protects the tube-in-fin coil from debris and physical damage while making access for coil cleaning quick and simple. • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant – The next generation refrigerant R-410A delivers environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion. • Durable Finish – A high quality powder paint finish rated at 1000 hrs. salt spray provides the ultimate protection from corrosion and harmful UV rays, ensuring a long-lasting, high quality appearance. • Charge Assurance™ – A built-in touch screen instantly displays the system overall condition, including the system pressures and refrigerant charge without the need to attach additional gauges or sensors. • QuietDrive™ System – Features a combination of engineered, sound-neutralizing attributes such as a swept-wing fan blade, composite base pan, multi-density compressor cloak and variable capacity operation to reduce sound levels to that of a mere conversation. • ECM Fan Motor – Dynamically adjusts speed in sync with the compressor demand to keep heat exchange in balance while minimizing power consumption and sound. • Swept Wing Fan – A design adapted from aerospace engineering provides whisper-quiet operation by allowing air to flow smoothly and efficiently across the fan surface and edges. • Composite Base Pan – The strong and durable composite base pan is corrosion resistant while adding strength, absorbing sound, and reducing vibration. • High-Efficiency Outdoor Coil – An aluminum fin and copper tube outdoor coil provide easy cleaning, low restriction to airflow and efficient heat exchange. • Factory Installed Filter-Drier – A corrosion resistant copper solid core liquid line filter-drier removes debris and moisture which can be harmful to the system. • Climate Set™ – provides pre-configured operating profiles the installing contractor can select during set-up to fine tune the system's operation for either Humid, Dry, or Normal climates. Additional fine-tune adjustments are always available to provide a custom comfort solution. • Easy Service Access – A large electrical box cover, independent Charge Assurance access, and a swing open electrical box provide superior full corner access to the inside of the unit for maintenance or service. • System Protection – Each system contains high and low pressure transducers which constantly monitor system performance and can alert the consumer or contractor system concerns or alerts. • EEV Controls – All indoor coils, whether in the cased CM coil or in the AVV air handler, have factory installed EEVs (Electronic Expansion Valves). See Limited Warranty certificate in User's Information Manual for details.

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YXV24 THRU 60 - 2

5443701-YTG-B-0418 • Communications Capable – Requiring only 3 thermostat wires between the outdoor and indoor units, the communicating system provides self-commissioning on start-up as well as the ability to check system status at the outdoor unit, thermostat, or remotely using the designated App. • Variable Capacity Inverter Controlled Scroll Compressor – Constantly monitors and dynamically adjusts system capacity in precise increments as necessary to closely meet the comfort demands of the conditioned space. • Advanced System Control – The proprietary wi-fi Hx™ thermostat interface is an...

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YXV24 THRU 60 - 3

PHYSICAL AND ELECTRICAL DATA MODEL 1. Rated in accordance with AHRI Standard 110-2012, utilization range “A”. 2. Dual element fuses or HACR circuit breaker. Maximum allowable overcurrent protection. 3. For applications with non-standard vapor line sizes, see the “Applications & Accessories” section of this Technical Guide. 4. The Unit Charge is correct for the outdoor unit, smallest matched indoor unit, and 15 feet of refrigerant tubing. For tubing lengths other than 15 feet, add or subtract the amount of refrigerant, using the difference in actual lineset length (not the equivalent length)...

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YXV24 THRU 60 - 4

FOOTNOTES: 1. Charge adders shown above do not indicate that coils are rated for every application. Refer to Performance Data Tables for actual performance for specified system matches. Obtain certified system ratings from CHARGING PROCEDURES: 1. Determine outdoor unit factory charge from Tabular Data Sheet. 2. Determine indoor coil adjustment (if any) from Tabular Data Sheet. 3. Calculate the additional charge for refrigerant piping using this Tabular Data Sheet if line length is greater than 15 feet (4.6 m). 4. Total system charge = item 1 + item 2 + item 3. 5. The...

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YXV24 THRU 60 - 5

4. The maximum allowable equivalent line length for this product is 80 feet. Standard Lineset Applications Maximum allowable lineset varies depending on the vertical separation between the evaporator and condenser. See Table below for allowable line set lengths and sizing. Allowable Vertical Linesets LIMITATIONS The unit should be installed in accordance with all National, State and Local Safety Codes and the limitations listed below: 1. Limitations for the indoor unit, coil, and appropriate accessories must also be observed. 2. The outdoor unit must not be installed with any duct work in...

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