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Model YVAA Air-Cooled Screw Compressor Liquid Chillers With Variable Speed Drive Style A Si YORK INSTALL CONFIDENCE

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Nomenclature YVAA REFRIGERANT HFC - 134a HFC-513A DEVELOPMENT LEVEL VOLTAGE CODE FRAME SIZE Condenser Code Evaporator Code Compressor Code Condenser Fan & Sound Kit Code UNIT TYPE YORK Chiller Air Cooled Screw Design Series A Approvals • SME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code  – Section Vlll Division 1. A • AHRI Standard 550/590 and 551/591. • UL 1995  –  Heating and Cooling Equipment • SHRAE 15  –  Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration A • ASHRAE Guideline 3 – Reducing Emission of Halogenated Refrigerants in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Systems • .E.C.  –  National...

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For over 135 years, Johnson Controls has raised the bar of chiller design and customer expectations. We are raising the bar again with a leap forward in air-cooled chiller technology. Continuing the history of innovation in both compressor design and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, Johnson Controls proudly introduces the YORK® YVAA. YVAA chillers are Johnson Controls’ most efficient aircooled chillers. The design offers a lighter, smaller and quieter package that minimizes the installed costs In the past, the choice to use an air-cooled chiller came with the expectation of...

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YVAA - 6

Unit Overview SEMI-HERMETIC YORK TWIN SCREW COMPRESSORS The direct-drive, semi-hermetic rotary twin-screw compressors incorporate advanced technology in a rugged design. The continuous function, microprocessor controlled VSD provides smooth capacity control from 100% down to 10% of chiller capacity. State-of-theart technology, obtained from decades of screw compressor design and manufacturing by FRICK®, ensures optimal efficiencies at all chiller load points. With no unloading steps or slide valves in the compressors, the YVAA variable speed driven compressors have 50% fewer moving parts...

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YVAA - 7

Unit Overview (Cont'd) Before leaving the factory, each refrigerant circuit is factory pressure tested, evacuated and then fully charged with refrigerant and oil. An operational test is performed with water flowing through the evaporator to ensure each circuit functions correctly. ELECTRICAL All controls and motor starting equipment necessary for unit operation are factory wired and function tested. There are no surprises when you go to start-up; you can have confidence that the unit will start up right the first time and every time. The chillers are available with a single point power...

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Unit Overview (Cont'd) AHRI CERTIFICATION PROGRAM YORK YVAA chillers have been tested and certified by Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) in accordance with the latest edition of AHRI Standard 550/590 (I-P). Under this Certification Program, chillers are regularly tested in strict compliance with this Standard. This provides an independent, third-party verification of chiller performance. Refer to the AHRI site at: for complete Program Scope, Inclusions, and Exclusions as some options listed herein fall outside the scope of the AHRI...

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YVAA - 9

YVAA Control Center UNIT CONTROL CENTER The unit control center (see Figure 1) provides automatic control of chiller operation including compressor start/ stop and load/unload anti-recycle timers, condenser fans, chilled liquid pump, evaporator heater, unit alarm contacts and run signal contacts. The microcomputer control center comes online as soon as the main power switch on the unit is switched on; immediately, the microcomputer control center will begin to continuously monitor all variables. Figure 1 - VIEW OF YVAA CONTROL CENTER KEYPAD AND DISPLAY The microprocessor controls the unit’s...

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YVAA Control Center (Cont'd) Display Data • Leaving Chilled Liquid Temperature • Returning Liquid Temperature • Ambient Temperature • Lead System • Compressor Capacity (% of Full Load Amps) • VSD Output Frequency / Compressor Speed • Compressor Run Hours • Compressor Number of Starts • Oil Pressure and Temperature (per Compressor) • Chilled Liquid Pump Status • Evaporator Heater Status • History Data for Last Twenty Normal Shutdowns • History Data for Last Ten Shutdown Faults Programmable Setpoints • Chiller on/Off • Chilled Liquid (Water or Glycol) • Local or Remote Control • Units of...

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YVAA - 11

All options factory mounted unless otherwise noted. SOUND ATTENUATION Low Noise Kits – The standard chiller configuration is equipped with low sound fans. There are several sound attenuation options available to further reduce sound at its source thereby meeting local sound level regulations. SilentNight™ - Due to time-of-day based sound regulations in some locations, it may be desirable to force the chiller to a lower sound level on demand. The SilentNight control option provides a control input to limit sound output of the chiller based on time of day. This feature is programmable at the...

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YVAA - 12

Accessories and Options (Cont'd) Environment Guard Premium – Microchannel condenser coils coated with an electro-deposited and baked flexible epoxy coating that is finished with a polyurethane UV resistant top-coat. Environment Guard Basic – Microchannel condenser coils treated with immersion bath-applied chemical treatment. Microchannel condenser shall be provided with a 5-year warranty against corrosion damage. PROTECTIVE CHILLER PANELS Wire Panels – Heavy-gauge, welded-wire-mesh guards mounted on the exterior of the full unit. The guards are coated to prevent corrosion with a UV...

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YVAA - 13

Accessories and Options (Cont'd) Figure 3 - FULL UNIT LOUVERED PANELS Louvered/Wire Panels Combination - Louvered panels, painted the same color as the unit, are mounted on external condenser coil faces. Heavy gauge, welded wire-mesh panels, coated to resist corrosion with a UV stabilized material, are mounted around base of machine to restrict unauthorized access. See Figure 4. Figure 4 - LOUVERED/WIRE PANELS COMBINATION END HAIL GUARD – Louvered panels, painted the same color as the unit, are installed on the rear of the unit (opposite end of the control panel) to protect the exposed...

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