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York VRF GEN II - 1

Flexibility, performance and control

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York VRF GEN II - 2

VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW SYSTEMS Expanding the possibilitiesState-of-the-art design takes performance to new levels Our re-engineered Outdoor Units boast an extended operating range, providing exceptional heating and cooling performance even under extreme conditions. Advanced technology enables cooling when the ambient outdoor temperature is as low as -4°F or as high as 122° F - and heating when the ambient outdoor temperature is -13°F to 59° F. This extended operating range makes YORK® VRF systems an excellent option for projects in demanding environments, expanding your...

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York VRF GEN II - 3

Revolutionary technology for truly simple integration The new YORK® VRF Smart Gateway makes for fast and easy integration of YORK VRF technology with BACnet™ Building Automation Systems (BAS) such as our Metasys® BAS. The VRF Smart Gateway works over Ethernet to discover all point data from YORK VRF Indoor and Outdoor Units and makes the data available through the BAS. System data is quickly integrated, organized, and automatically formatted to conform to BAS conventions, saving time and expense. For the first time, the entire system – including all YORK VRF components – is accessible and...

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York VRF GEN II - 4

More options, superior capabilities and greater design freedom New Multi-Port Change-Over Boxes give you freedom when designing Heat Recovery systems. We now offer a full line of change-over box options: Single-Port Change-Over Boxes in two capacities and Multi-Port Change-Over Boxes with 4, 8 and 12 ports. Multi-Port Change-Over Boxes easily accommodate future expansion. More options provide greater flexibility for your projects. Single-Port COBs are ideal for single zones that require individual heating and cooling control. 4 and 8 Port COBs are well-suited to medium-sized areas that...

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York VRF GEN II - 5

More outdoor units for precisely sized systems YORK® VRF Gen II takes performance, design flexibility and system control to a whole new level. With technical enhancements, groundbreaking integration capabilities and a greater selection of products, YORK VRF Gen II makes VRF technology a smarter, easier choice than ever before. Redesigned Outdoor Units in new capacities increase layout options and enable the design of more economical configurations. With the new additions, fewer modules are needed to achieve up to a 36-ton capacity in a Heat Pump or Heat Recovery system. The reduced weight...

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York VRF GEN II - 6

Unparalleled service from recognized industry experts Comprehensive, ongoing support completes the package. When you purchase a YORK VRF Gen II ® system, you can expect exceptional support from a dedicated staff that includes VRF experts with decades of field experience. From initial design to installation and maintenance, you can call upon our technical support team to answer questions and provide guidance. Whatever your needs, we will connect you with experts who can address them quickly and completely. We also offer an extensive line of training classes to ensure you have the knowledge...

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York VRF GEN II - 7

Advanced technology for enhanced performance YORK® VRF Gen II takes VRF technology to the next level with both superior performance and an extended product line: • 4 different types of Indoor Units increase 1 flexibility and savings: – multitude of sizes means more design options A – p to 25% improvement in static pressure in U medium- and high-static Indoor Units means more design flexibility – -way cassette, wall-mount and ducted 4 medium- and high-static units are available in additional capacities for more options • he re-engineered inverter compressor provides T peak performance and...

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York VRF GEN II - 8 For more details on terms, conditions, and limitations, please refer to the warranty certificate. Contact your sales person or visit our warranty support center at for specific eligibility requirements. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Multi-Split AC and HP AHRI Standard 1230 Industry certified YORK VRF systems are Intertek ETL Listed (Canada & USA), signifying that they comply with the standard of Heating and Cooling Equipment (ANSI/UL 1995 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 236-11, 4th Edition, October 14, 2011). The systems are also certified by the Air...

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