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VRF - 1

Superior Technology and Integration VA R I A B L E R E F R I G E R A N T F L O W S Y S T E M S

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VRF - 2

Efficient, Cost-Effective Comfort JOHNSON CONTROLS | YORK® VRF SYSTEMS

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VRF - 3


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VRF - 4

VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW SYSTEMS State-of-the-Art Design Brings New Opportunities for VRF Technology YORK® VRF Gen II builds upon the game-changing innovations that make variable refrigerant flow systems the most flexible and energy-efficient HVAC solutions in the world. With an expanded, re-engineered equipment line and new, groundbreaking technology, YORK VRF Gen II offers greater performance, more design freedom, new business opportunities and exceptional control. The YORK VRF Gen II Outdoor Unit line has been re-engineered to perform in an extended operating range, making...

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VRF - 5

VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW SYSTEMS Next-Generation Control Game-Changing Gateway for Unprecedented Control Johnson Controls' revolutionary VRF Smart Gateway achieves what competitive products only approximate: complete integration of VRF system data with building automation systems such as MetasyS® BAS. Unlike other BACnet® adapters, the VRF Smart Gateway makes integration fast and simple. No special programming or expensive technician time is required because VRF system data is automatically discovered and imported into your BAS: • Quick, easy integration of all detailed data with automatic...

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VRF - 6

Ultimate Flexibility Multi-Port Change-Over Boxes Multiply the Options New Multi-Port Change-Over Boxes (COBs) offer additional design freedom. YORK VRF systems can now be designed for diverse applications using: • Single Port COBs (available in two sizes) – an ideal choice for zones that require individual heating and cooling control. • and 8 Port COBs – provide flexibility and minimize 4 mechanical and electrical installation costs. • 2 Port COBs – offer a maximum total capacity 1 of 22.7 Tons. 12 Port COBs provide flexibility and minimize mechanical and electrical installation costs. A...

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VRF - 7

VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW SYSTEMS Precise Solutions More Outdoor Units for Right-Sized Systems No other HVAC technology provides as many design options as VRF technology. And now there are even more options with the YORK VRF Gen II line. Units in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 ton capacities can be configured in multiple ways to design systems up to 36 tons, providing the precise capacity needed. And larger capacity Heat Pump and Heat Recovery systems can now be designed using fewer units. The result is space-saving solutions that reduce installation costs for a true competitive advantage....

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VRF - 8

VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW SYSTEMS Engineered for Enhanced Performance YORK® VRF Gen II takes VRF technology to the next level with superior performance and an extended product line: ■ 14 different types of Indoor Units increase flexibility and savings: - A multitude of capacities means more design options - Up to 25% improvement in static pressure in medium- and high-static Indoor Units means more flexibility - 4-way cassette, wall-mount and ducted medium-and high-static units are available in additional capacities for more options ■ The re-engineered inverter compressor provides peak...

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VRF - 9

VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW SYSTEMS The Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Choice VRF systems effectively address the ongoing challenge of climate control in buildings - balancing comfort and efficiency - because they deliver just the right amount of heating and cooling to every space using no more energy than necessary. VRF technology achieves this balance by using DC inverter scroll compressors which save energy and avoid the wear and tear of frequent cycling. These compressors improve air conditioning efficiency by modulating refrigerant delivery to each specific zone to meet demand. The...

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VRF - 10

Innovative Engineering Taking Technology to the Next Level of Performance We now offer a full line of Change-Over Box options: Single-Port Change-Over Boxes in two sizes and Multi-Port Change-Over Boxes with 4, 8 and 12 ports for ultimate flexibility in system design. Our Change-Over Boxes offer: • Built-in simplicity. The Change-Over Box directs refrigerant to the desired zone and indoor unit(s). Since our design does not produce any condensate, no drain or condensate considerations are required. • uieter operation. Each box has a minimum Q number of valves, engineered to minimize noise...

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VRF - 11

Modular by Design Flexibility is Built into Our System A variety of standard modular components let you customize and size equipment to meet specific project requirements. Because ductwork is generally needed only for ventilation, ducts can be smaller, reducing capital cost and reducing use of valuable space. Systems can easily be adapted as space is reconfigured. Unlike conventional HVAC systems, VRF systems allow the addition of capacity to accommodate expansion simply by adding modular units (system sizes up to 36 tons). There is no need to replace the original unit or reconfigure...

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VRF - 12

Absolute Control Choose from Several Control Options Multiple control options are available, from simple units with on/off, set point, load and speed settings, to programmable units that enable scheduling. Wireless units are available to provide remote control of zone space conditions. C entral station controllers for larger projects provide remote control and scheduling of the entire system from one or more control points. Our leading-edge VRF Smart Gateway provides comprehensive control of all YORK® VRF technology through building automation systems (BAS) such as Metasys® BAS . The new...

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VRF - 13

The Optimal Choice An Ideal Solution for Diverse Applications VRF systems suit a wide range of new construction compressors in outdoor units provide extremely and retrofit applications. Projects that VRF technology high part-load efficiency. is particularly well-suited for include: • uildings with multiple zones that have different B comfort needs including: • Individual comfort. Modular design and advanced controls enable precise control to meet diverse comfort needs. Occupants can choose the optimum • medical office buildings set point for their space; the system is designed to •...

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