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INSTALL CONFIDENCE ACOUSTIWEIR™ ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY FOR AIR HANDLING UNITS Noise reduction without compromise Sound generated by an air handling unit can have a direct impact on any indoor environment, and is of particular concern for healthcare, education, performing arts and professional office spaces. That's why we engineer industry-leading acoustic performance into every YORK® air handling unit we build. One of the most significant advances to come from our world-class Acoustics Lab is Acoustiweir™, a technology exclusively engineered by YORK® to reduce sound levels while maintaining a compact unit footprint. Acoustiweir™ is a groundbreaking improvement in air handling sound reduction. Acoustic silencing, without the silencer Traditional noise reduction systems often rely on a series of baffles or silencers inside the air handler to reduce sound levels. Systems that require sound reduction with smaller footprints and higher efficiency levels are good candidates for more advanced technologies like those found in our Acoustiweir™ solution. Compact dimensions for more applications Silencers found in competing air handlers must be applied over large areas for maximum effectiveness. Acoustiweir™ Vertical/Side Duct Discharge Sound Reduction (insertion Loss) Value (dB) • Typical results for unit airflow between 10,000 - 50,000 CFM • Negligible pressure drop Horizontal Duct Discharge Sound Reduction (Insertion Loss) Value (dB) • Typical results for unit airflow between 10,000 - 50,000 CFM • Low pressure drop ~ 0.10 in s.p. technology can provide sound attenuation comparable to a 2-3' silencer in only a 4-6" space, providing quiet operation in a more compact system. Groundbreaking reduction in pressure loss Silencers used in typical sound attenuation systems affect both sound and air, creating turbulence in the air stream that causes the system to work harder and become less efficient. Acoustiweir™ is different. A result of proprietary engineering research at the YORK® Acoustics Lab, Acoustiweir™ is uniquely able to diminish overall system noise with remarkably little change in air pressure. Superior sound attenuation Perforated panels and baskets are another common, inexpensive noise reduction solution. These methods are space-efficient and don't contribute significantly to system pressure loss, but are less effective than Acoustiweir™ in minimizing sound levels in the critical 63-250 Hz range, where low-frequency rumble can cause significant discomfort. A YORK® engineered, trademarked technology Acoustiweir™ from YORK® has been engineered to enable a quieter, more compact and more efficient air handling system. Discover how the leader in air handling acoustics engineers technology to improve your environment - and your bottom line. Johnson Cont

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From the leader in AHU acoustics research Acoustiweir™ technology is a direct result of the groundbreaking air handling research conducted at the YORK® Acoustics Lab, which is part of the Grantley Technology Center in York, Pennsylvania. Backed by parent company Johnson Controls, the YORK® Acoustics Lab is the largest air handling unit sound test facility in the world, and is one of the leading research, development and testing sites for the entire commercial HVAC equipment industry. World-class testing facilities Featuring a 105,000 cu. ft. reverberation room and state-of-the-art...

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