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YGE 72 Cell Series - 1

File name: Corporate Logo with Tagline / Vertical.ai PROVEN QUALITY IN A NEW DIMENSION Independently tested with proven quality and long term reliability. Millions of PV systems installed worldwide underline Yingli’s industry leadership. 10 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY ANTI REFLECTION EXTENDED SIZE Warranty Information Poly Yingli’s Linear Performance Warranty Industry Standard Warranty Durability Durable PV modules, independently tested for harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia, or known PID risk factors. Advanced Glass A special glass with high transmission and a unique anti-reective coating results in more sunlight on the solar cells and a higher energy yield. Extended Size This larger version facilitates cost savings at a system level e.g. for handling and installation, with the reassurance of proven Yingli Solar quality. PID Resistant Tested in accordance to the draft standard IEC 62804, our PV modules have demonstrated resistance against PID (Potential Induced Degradation), which translates to security for your investment. Yingli Green Energy Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (NYSE: YGE), known as “Yingli Solar,” is the world’s largest photovoltaic module manufacturer in terms of production capacity. We are a leading solar energy company built upon proven product reliability and sustainable performance.

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YGE 72 Cell Series - 2

YGE 72 CELL SERIES 2 ELECTRICAL PERFORMANCE GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Electrical parameters at Standard Test Conditions (STC) YLxxxP-35b (xxx=Pmax) Pmax Power output Open-circuit voltage Short-circuit current STC: 1000W/m2 irradiance, 25°C module temperature, AM1.5g spectrum according to EN 60904-3. Average relative efciency reduction of 3.3% at 200W/m2 according to EN 60904-1. PA C K A G I N G S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Number of modules per pallet Number of pallets per 40' container Electrical parameters at Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) Power output Module efciency Power output...

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