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YAHOO Suspended simplicity

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NOD - 5

Reinterpreted Japanese Design NOD was designed by the young Japanese designer Daisuke Kitagawa; its refined contemporary simplicity coheres with the minimalist philosophy of Japanese design culture. The classic conicity of the light sculpture makes it as simple as it is decorative – NOD has universal added value thanks to its diversity of applications

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NOD - 7

LIGHT DISTRIBUTION opal Turn it for the perfect Mood Maximum flexibility with unwavering elegance The convenient adjustability (330° rotation, 180° tilt) of the luminaire cone with its elegant black soft-touch surface and the flexibly adjustable height create unparalleled lighting moods. It can bring a wall, a counter, or a ceiling to light.

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NOD - 8

Kastner & Öhler Graz, Austria PHOTOGRAPHY Karim Zaatar

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NOD - 10

PRODUCT DETAILS Cone-shaped luminaire housing made of plastic; luminaire housing 330° rotatable and 180° tiltable pivot-mounted; elegant suspended luminaire with black soft-touch surface; with adjustable pendant rod mounting, either 1500 mm or 2500 mm, feed in rod; optionally with pendant rod mounting 1500 mm and 3 phase adapter for toolless installation or movement on various 3 phase power tracks; completely homogeneously illuminated, satinised PMMA cover; energy-efficient LEDs with very good colour rendering; binning initial ≤ 3 MacAdam; available in the light colours 2700 K and 3000 K;...

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NOD - 11

PRODUCT DETAILS Standard configuration SUSPENSION rod 1500 mm COLOUR TEMP. LIGHT DISTRIBUTION opal MATERIAL COLOUR black Extended configuration SUSPENSION rod 2500 mm 3-phase adapter 1500 mm Options on request CONTROL phase-cut DIM SYSTEM POWER COLOUR TEMPERATURE LUMINOUS FLUX

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NOD - 12

MOREXAL SERVICES Print and online catalogues Online Configurator After Sales Services Our online catalogues provide anytime access to our full product range, whether at your customers’ offices or during project meetings. Order print catalogues at The online search function gives you quick and location-independent access to all of the product data you need. Are you in the planning process and would like to see immediately whether your ideas are technically feasible? The practical XAL online configurator supports you and supplies an order list,...

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Light Magazine Mounting Videos Would you like to learn more about our innovative lighting solutions and our company? Our XAL Light customer magazine showcases our most beautiful projects and includes valuable tips and information about international trends in lighting, architecture and interior design. Dive into the XAL design world. We’re there for you even when it comes to installing complex lighting systems. Our howto videos take you by the hand and explain installation step by step for efficient and worry-free installation. XAL luminaires are manufactured to meet the highest standards....

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NOD - 14

LEGAL NOTES Information in this catalogue was valid at the time of printing, is non-binding, and should be used for information purposes only. We are not liable for products that differ from illustrations or information. We reserve the right to make changes to our products at any time. All orders will be accepted exclusively in accordance with our general terms and conditions of business and delivery. The latest version of these terms and conditions is available at Imprint GRAPHIC DESIGN Suzana Pal PRINT PRODUCTION Rene Zavadilik Jurgen Kurzmann LITHOGRAPHY Volker...

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NOD - 15

XAL Sp.z.o.o. Ul. Dzialdowska 11/1 01-184 Warsaw POLAND T +48.221194499 XALHEADQUARTERS XALGmbH Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36 8055 Graz AUSTRIA T +43.316.3170.0 XAL GmbH Marxergasse 1B 1030 Vienna AUSTRIA T +43.1.5264784 XAL Eastern Europe k.s. Varsavska 5 83103 Bratislava SLOVAKIA T +421.2.32660.280 XAL Iluminacion S.L. Plaqa Duc de Medinaceli 5 08002 Barcelona SPAIN T +34.912777577 XAL Schweiz GmbH Hohlstrasse 517 8048 Zurich SWITZERLAND T + XAL GmbH...

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NOD - 16

XALHEADQUARTERS XALGmbH Auer-Welsbach-Gasse 36 8055 Graz AUSTRIA T +43.316.3170.0

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