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YA. MUSE Acoustic absorption for a better office environment

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MUSE - 3

Light and Acoustics EN   Light and acoustics have a direct impact on physical and mental well-being, as well as the enjoyment of office work and its success. With the five element MUSE system, XAL addresses two of the most pressing opportunities for improving today’s office environment by tackling these two basic workspace hygiene factors in combination. DE   Licht und Akustik beeinflussen das körperliche und geistige Wohlbefinden, die Freude an der Büroarbeit und deren Gelingen. Mit seinem fünfteiligen System MUSE, das diese beiden elementaren Umgebungsfaktoren sinnvoll kombiniert,...

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MUSE - 4

■—CNlCLOlfO Art* ithC£~ EKKWKXf' hCCustvc r€tWtMANtf CoK^nO U'NC? 1 VoC f©* iDtM* Coi^nEcT\®Ki Human need for silence EM Quiet surroundings form a basic human need that is too often neglected today. And steps taken to improve room acoustics are often just half-heartedly executed. In developing MUSE, we have created a product that is both particularly effective, and at the same time deliberately raises awareness of its influence. Simple forms and an attractive surface make up the design that becomes an equal part of the interior design concept. Da Ein leises Umfeld ist ein menschliches...

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MUSE - 5

Sense and sensibility EN   The interior and product designer Katharina Schmidt has consistently focused on room acoustics in her professional career. The best possible performance literally sets the tone when designing and developing her acoustic room elements. Katharina Schmidt exudes a deep personal enthusiasm for the evocative and distinctive products and symbiotic solutions she creates that not only provide for a peaceful work environment but also stimulate the senses. MUSE allows the architect to focus on the building layout. DE   Innenarchitektin und Produktdesignerin Katharina...

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MUSE - 6

PRODUCT RANGE MUSE DOUBLE LIGHT acoustic suspended MUSE LIGHT acoustic suspended MUSE BAFFLE acoustic suspended MUSE DESK LOW acoustic table mounted MUSE DESK HIGH acoustic table mounted

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MUSE - 7

PRODUCT RANGE Total integration EN   Virtually glare-free and brilliant professional office workplace lighting is combined with optimised room acoustics to allow stress free and focused vision and hearing. As a result, the five modules of the MUSE lighting and acoustic system lay the ideal foundation for clear thinking at the office. DE   Professionelle Büroarbeitsplatzbeleuchtung, nahezu blendfrei und brillant, paart sich mit optimierter Raumakustik für stressfreies konzentriertes Sehen und Hören. Damit legt das Licht-/Akustiksystem MUSE mit fünf Modulen den besten Grundstein für klares...

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MUSE - 8

SPECIAL FEATURES Recycled PET bottles EN   The felt-like material of MUSE is made from 50% recycled PET. The material is precision formed and combines three key advantages: inherent stability, high acoustic effectiveness and a high surface quality that is pleasant to see and touch. As a result, MUSE both generates a beneficial level of well-being while combining a high degree of environmental responsibility. DE   Das filzartige Material der MUSE wird zu 50% aus recyceltem PET hergestellt. Präzise in Form gepresst, verbindet das Material gleich drei Vorteile: Es ist eigenstabil, akustisch...

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MUSE - 9

SPECIAL FEATURES Your choice of colour EN   Discreet classic or modern look. Available with two neutral and two accent colours, MUSE can integrate into any office design concept. DE   Dezent klassisch oder modern. Mit zwei neutralen und zwei Akzentfarben integriert sich MUSE in jedes Büroeinrichtungskonzept. felt grey indigo blue bright blue EN   The pleasant look and feel of the material makes it highly attractive, with the textile surfaces lending a more “homely” appeal to the office. EN   Each acoustic element is constructed from two shells that form a cavity for effective absorption of...

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MUSE - 10

Support you can count on EN   Our experts in room acoustics are able to support you in optimising the acoustics for your projects. In addition to basic calculations, we can create acoustic simulations and look at the propagation of sound. We, therefore, not only optimise reverberations time in your room, in accordance with the use, we also ensure that speech can be adequately heard and understood. The result not only ensures compliance with building regulations, above all it gives a perceptibly pleasant acoustic environment. DE   Unsere Raumakustik-Experten unterstützen Sie bei der...

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MUSE - 11

EN   MUSE LIGHT illuminates individual workstations evenly and virtually without glare. MUSE DESK provides visual and personal privacy as well as acting as a sound absorbing shield. EN   MUSE LIGHT and MUSE BAFFLE are used for large area illumination and basic noise attenuation in a presentation room, ensuring optimum hearing and understanding of speech.  MUSE LIGHT leuchtet Einzelarbeitsplätze gleichmäßig und nahezu blendfrei aus. MUSE DESK sorgt für Sichtschutz und Privatsphäre und wirkt schallabsorbierend und -schirmend.  MUSE LIGHT und MUSE BAFFLE dienen der großflächigen Ausleuchtung...

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MUSE - 17

PRODUCT DETAILS Get the product Product details 18 MUSE DOUBLE LIGHT acoustic suspended 20 MUSE LIGHT acoustic suspended 22 MUSE BAFFLE acoustic suspended 24 MUSE DESK LOW acoustic table mounted 26 MUSE DESK HIGH acoustic table mounted

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MUSE - 18

PRODUCT DETAILS MUSE DOUBLE LIGHT acoustic suspended EN   Luminaire body made of high-quality, self-supporting polyester fleece with sound absorbing properties; high-quality visual and tactile surface, available in felt grey, anthracite, indigo blue or bright blue options; constructed of 2 shells to form cavities that improve acoustic performance; large sound absorbing surface; Suspended luminaire with 1500 mm cable suspension; optimised for the illumination of 2 office workstations opposite each other; with integrated tool-less suspension height adjustment; incl. transparent...

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