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Winterhalter profile Sophisticated and comprehensive: Dishwashing solutions from Winterhalter As the specialist for commercial washing systems, the name Winterhalter Our full range at a glance: has stood for innovation and reliability in commercial kitchens for decades. • Undercounter dish, glass We are a total solution provider for warewashers, including detergent and hygiene products, water treatment and accessories. We can guarantee you hygienic cleaning results from a single supplier at any time. Discover the best quality made in Germany and Switzerland. and cutlery washers • Rack pass...

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UC Series Glasswashers Dishwashers Bistro dishwashers Cutlery washers Rack pass through dishwashers PT-M / PT-M EnergyPlus PT-L / PT-L EnergyPlus PT-XL / PT-XL EnergyPlus PT-500 GS 640 / GS 640 Energy GS 660 / GS 660 Energy GS 650 / GS 650 Energy GS 630 Multi-tank rack conveyor and flight-type dishwashers MTR MTF MT Series planning Single-tank rack conveyor dishwasher STR / STR Energy Detergent / rinse aid Glasswashing detergent / bistro detergent / universal detergent High-performance detergents / utensil detergents / rinse aids Supplementary product ranges and services Additional products...

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Winterhalter warewashers: The advantages at a glance PT-M EnergyPlus PT-L EnergyPlus PT-XL EnergyPlus UC-S Energy UC-M Energy UC-L Energy UC-XL Energy Rack pass through dishwashers* Under counter dishwashing machines* Maximum economy: Double-walled insulated construction Automatic error display by integrated error management Equipped with either circulating or exhaust air heat recovery system Exhaust air and waste water heat recovery Extensive hygiene concept: Fourfold wash water filtration system with sediment sensor (Mediamat / strainer / screen cylinder / pump inlet filter) Triple filter...

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Winterhalter full range Totally dependable: Winterhalter quality features Warewashers from Winterhalter appeal to customers because of their high levels of economy, hygiene, high washing capacity and extremely straightforward operation. The greatest emphasis is placed on using the best materials during the construction of the machines. One aspect that is just as important for us is ease of servicing, so we ensure everything is conveniently included from easy access to automatic error messages. The table here provides an overview of the most important quality attributes. Maximum economy...

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High washing capacity Extremely easy operation • An efficient washing system in all machines ensures • Operating errors can be largely avoided because all the optimum comprehensive cleaning results. machines are so easy to operate that the dishwash process runs smoothly, even with frequent staff • The washing system is precisely adapted to the dishes being washed. It cleans glasses extremely effectively but nevertheless gently, while dishes are cleaned powerfully. • In its new UC Series, Winterhalter makes use of an innovative touch screen technology. It is very easy to use. The correct...

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UC Series Warewashing solutions for the counter area Step 1: Four types for different applications with up to three standard programmes: - glasswasher The UC Series of under counter dishwashers from Winterhalter adapt to your wishes. Because every pub or - bistro dishwasher restaurant has its own character and its very own require- - cutlery washer Step 2: Four sizes: S = small, M = medium, L = large, ments, from the wash items to the available space. The revolutionary concept of the UC Series makes Winterhalter XL = extra large Step 3: Individual equipment: Energy, Cool (glasses), effect...

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Four machine types, four sizes – this is what the new generation of under counter machines from Winterhalter has to offer: glasswashers, dishwashers, bistro dishwashers and cutlery washers that all come in sizes S, M, L and XL.

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UC Series Glasswashers A glass is not always simply a glass: a thin-sided wineglass Dirt doesn’t stand a chance against Winterhalter’s profes- in a bar or restaurant must be treated differently to a pint sional wash systems. The unique combination of machine, glass in a pub. That is why the new glasswashers automati- hygiene products, water treatment, accessories, racks and cally adjust the components for the wash process, in par- complimented by dividers and extensions, ensures glassware ticular, pressure, time, detergent and temperature, by way is dazzlingly clean. Glasswashers are...

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UC Series Dishwashers The new dishwashers take on all the different challenges Hence the results are always perfect, whether you are of modern kitchens with their specially defined pro- washing fragile, Japanese soup bowls or large, robust piz- grammes. They automatically adjust the components za plates. The programme is selected intuitively by choos- responsible for the dishwashing process, especially pres- ing the matching wash item symbol, which simultaneously sure, time, detergent and temperatures, depending on indicates how dirty the wash items are. This dramatically what is being...

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UC Series Bistro dishwashers In a bistro, a wide variety of different wash items, from The UC-L with its double-rack system is ideal for bed & glasses to cutlery to plates, have to be washed hygienically breakfasts and restaurants using lots of smaller plates, clean in a very small space. The Bistro dishwasher gives you a choice of programmes for different sorts of ware. Easy to operate, the three defined standard programmes Depending on the space available or the requirements of can be selected using symbols for the respective kind of your wash items, you can choose from four sizes S, M, L...

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UC Series Cutlery washers The UC cutlery washers from Winterhalter are a real first. In the Winterhalter system, all components contribute to They guarantee hygienically clean washing, and cutlery perfect dishwashing results. Winterhalter recommends without any visible traces of dirt, while saving considerably pre-soaking cutlery using cleaning product A 30 CT. on time and expense. If fully demineralised water is used, Special racks ensure that the cutlery is washed standing there is no need to waste time in unhygienic polishing, upright. This guarantees perfect cleaning and drying because...

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