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Cook-Chill Mini Guide - 6 Pages

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Cook-Chill Mini Guide

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Cook-ChillCook-Chill > a simple guide efficient > simple ... for any size operation size="-3">

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Cook-Chill is a simple, controlled system of advanced food preparation designed to provide moreflexibility and ensure food safety in foodservice. The technique involves the preparation and cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures (for up to five days). When required, the food (if to be served hot) must be regenerated before service. The production system itself is simple to operate if well managed, and completely safe provided the HACCP Guidelines/EULegislation on temperature / time controls are followed.Cook-Chill / Cook-Freeze Systems not only...

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PreparationBlast Chill / BlastFreeze Refrigerated /Freezer StoragePortioning A la carte service Buffet Service Banqueting ServiceCooking /Regeneration >

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Putting the Cook in Cook-Chill > The award winning combination ovens from Eloma provide a wide range of solutions for all types offoodservice organisation from the smallest pubs, hotels and restaurants to banqueting and institutional catering. With features such as the Multi-eco system - reducing energy consumption and water use, easy to use programmable controllers, the combis not only add to your efficiency and menu flexibility but also to the profitability of your company. From the unique two-third size Joker Series through to the 40-grid model Eloma offers the complete cooking and...

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up to 30% and quicker recovery of capital investment.A Cook-Chill system, as with any cooking operation, requires care to ensure quality and food safety.Staff should therefore be given specific training on the Cook-Chill operation in addition to basic Food Safety -Eloma and Williams are able to help you with this.The combination of innovation, performance and quality management are the driving forces behindEloma and Williams, resulting in superior Cook-Chill Eloma and Williams Refrigeration are renowned market leaders in their respective areas of manufacturingand supplying of combination...

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