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All Other Countries England Werzalit AG + Co. KG Industrial and building products Postfach 20 11 Crescent Road D-71718 Oberstenfeld Bromley Tel.: + 49 (0)70 62/50-0 London, Kent, BR1 3PN Fax: + 49 (0)70 62/50-336 Phone +44 (0) 78 85/27 41 04 E-Mail

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Our initial experience in the field of wood and elasticity: The production of wooden cores for skis until 1970. Elasticity lies somewhere between too hard and too soft. Slats have to provide support – and still yield at the same time. We have been dealing with this intermediate stage between hard and soft for many decades. That‘s how we have gained a huge amount of experience in the production of many millions of slats. About the properties and the processing of wood, about the effects of the glued layer on elasticity, about how forces are distributed, about quality-assuring manufacturing...

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•: ' 192!Mean temp::i7.3'°0. ,'h 'of sunlight:' 1554 ! ! Prectpiti:' 849 mm 1928 Mean temp.: 7,9 °C h of ''sunlight: 1752 Pfecipit.: 1168 mm Mean temp.: 7,7 °C h ' of 'sunlight: 1726 Precipit.-: 788 mm 1942 Mean temp.: 7,1 °C h of sunlight: 1646 Precipit.: 1013 mm Mean temp.: 7,1 °C h of sunlight: 1993 Precipit.: 862 mm

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100 years of sun, cold, wind and rain. Real tension takes time. Our beech wood has grown in climatic regions which are perhaps a little harsher than elsewhere. In other words, the trees do not grow so quickly, and the annual rings are closer together. That makes the wood for our slats a little tougher so that they withstand stress for longer. And of course all our beech comes from sustainable forests. Mean temp.: 6,6 °C h of sunlight: 1557 Precipit.: 925 mm Mean temp.: 7,6 °C h of sunlight: 151 1 Precipit.: 944 mm Mean temp.: 6,7 °C h of sunlight: 1410 Precipit.: 1203 mm Mean temp.: 8,0 °C...

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Forces are at work in the silence. But not to the same degree everywhere. The distribution of forces when you are lying down differs from one part of the body to another. That's why the relationship between support and suppleness must be designed flexibly if ergonomic requirements are to be fulfilled optimally. With a wide range of products - as well as tailor-made special solutions -we offer our customers the means to implement their specific product philosophy as perfectly as possible. 3 radii - 3 different applications.

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Weiß Mahagoni Maigrün Weinrot Opalgrün Karminrot Staubgrau Hellbeige – Elfenbein Rüster Perlweiß Hainbuche Gelb Beige Uni Beige Tessiner Kirschbaum Unigrau hell Suomi Birke Kalk Esche Nachtblau Dunkelbeige Perlmyrthe Eiche Jasmingrün Rubinrot Felsenzypresse Uni Creme Erftbuche hell Erftbuche dunkel Weißgrau Silbergrau Taubenblau Zuckerahorn Uni Hellgrün Dunkelgrün Uni Marineblau Uni Blau Vogelaugenahorn Wurzel weiß Samoa Anthrazit Anthrazit met. Eisbirke Techno Hellgelb Mittelblau Orange Grau metallic Trüffelwurzel dunkel Königsblau Punkto Anthrazit Nevada Pinie Blau Achatgrau Alu farbig...

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Flexibility. And its effects on our product range. Processing/ Treatment Standard raw, resined, foiled Standard raw, resined, foiled wide (with decorative groove from 38 mm) Wave raw, resined, foiled Textured coarse raw, resined, foiled Textured fine raw, resined, foiled Dynaflex raw, resined, foiled Covered raw, resined, foliert European beech wood from sustained yield management Chloride-free resin-system, low formaldehyde-degree Technical data Density 0.7 – 0.85 g/cm3 Bending e-module > 10.000 Bending strength > 100 N/mm2 Aditional processing/treatment Processing of front edges...

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