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Industrial moulded parts. Your ideas given shape

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Speaker mounts for the automotive industry

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The ideal material for your shaped parts. From product planning to shipping When shaped parts are created from design data, ideas come into being. In addition to form and function, the material can be a key success factor for a product. The optimal material for your application From consulting to shipping As a manufacturer of wood materials, wood-polymer composites (WPC) and thermoplastic composites, WERZALIT can create for you any imaginable moulded part for any conceivable application. We make use of various production processes – pressing, injection moulding and extrusion – in accordance...

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Industrial products - 4

Moulded wood particle parts – the wood that takes on any shape With their excellent three-dimensional formability, moulded wood particle parts are unique among wood materials. This property opens up countless possibilities that go way beyond conventional wood design work. In perfect form Moulded wood particle parts hold their shape extremely well and have very high strength. The pressing process allows a number of shapes that are not available with other wood materials, such as realising varying wall thicknesses within a single piece. The special properties are also impressive – for...

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Industrial products - 5

Cushion mounting board for office chairs Your key benefits at a glance: ✔ Large shape variability, versatile application ✔ Dimensional stability and high strength ✔ Renewable resources ✔ No subsequent processing or extra drilling required ✔ PEFC-certied Office chair body from WERZALIT for Alex Kunststoffe

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Industrial products - 6

Air vents for the automotive industry

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Industrial products - 7

S2 – the best of wood and plastic The high-performance material S2 is a wood-polymer composite (WPC). It combines the best properties of both wood and plastic. Both plastic and wood Infinite design possibilities S2 is dimensionally stable, weather-resistant and water-resistant with low swelling, has a high flexural strength and can be worked just like wood. In its hot state, S2 is fluid but has significantly better creep properties than pure thermoplastics. With S2, wood can be injection-moulded for the first time. This yields a warm, comfortable feel to the touch and a completely new...

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Industrial products - 8

Thermoplastic – as individual as your product The possibilities of thermoplastics are exceptionally diverse. We offer extensive consulting in order to identify the right material for your product. Individual material development Know-how that pays off We develop materials according to the individual requirements of your product. As part of this process, we take into account all manner of criteria, such as UV protection, anti-static properties, stabilisation and colour matching. We utilise filler and reinforcing materials as well as bonding agents and compatibilisers. As a WERZALIT customer,...

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Industrial products - 9

Packaging elements for various applications, such as in the food industry

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Industrial products - 10

What can the various materials do? Comparison of technical details The table below offers an overview of the capabilities of our materials. The overview shows several standard products from the broad WERZALIT product range. Testing Standard Flexural strength Modulus of elasticity (bending) Charpy impact resistance Screw extraction resistance WERZALIT test standard* Swelling after 24 h DIN EN 317 (wood standard) * Screw extraction resistance measured at 10 mm insertion depth with 4 mm particle board screw

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Industrial products - 11

Front panel of a household appliance, realised with highly fluid S2 with a 30 % wood share

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