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The solid terrace profile with unique advantages

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entero solid terrace profile, brosso, marrone, with staggered joints. 2

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Innovative design, innovative material WERZALIT is expanding its extensive selection of terrace floors with the new, solid entero terrace profile, entero is a long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to wood terraces. Joints that are closed and yet open Compared with other solid terrace profiles, entero has a unique feature to offer. The tongue and groove system allows a visually closed terrace surface that does not allow weeds to grow up or dirt to fall down. At the same time, the longitudinal joint also serves as a hidden drainage joint. In order to achieve this, a special fastening...

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The best of wood and plastic entero solid terrace profiles are manufactured from the innova- tive wood-polymer composite S2, a combination of carefully selected timber and a high-quality industrial polymer as bind- ing agent. The polymer content ensures dimensional stability, resistance to cracking and weathering while also making the profiles extremely easy to care for. The wood content lends the profile high strength. In addition to being C02-neutral, the wood we use is sustainable, PEFC-certified, recyclable and only transported over short distances to ensure a positive eco- Modern...

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entero solid terrace profile, brosso, marrone, with staggered joints. Easy installation, invisible fastening Installation of the entero solid terrace profiles couldn’t be easier or faster thanks to the innovative system of installation clips and tongue-and-groove profiles combined with excellently designed accessories. entero solid profile and profile accessories 100 71.5 100 .2 17 40 140 153 .5 5 38 34 23 927 S ub-framework bar entero solid terrace profile Bracket Rubber pad Installation clip S crews for fastening the profiles and cover profiles Care oil 887 24 5 45 60 Angle cover 80 23.5...

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UK United Kingdom WERZALIT UK Office Simon Hill PO Box 1068 Lincoln LN2 3WN Phone +44 (0) 1673/88 02 04 Mobil +44 (0) 751/546 94 63 E-mail s.hill@werzalit.com www.werzalit.com AE United Arab Emirates Ernst Wilh. Linnemann PO Box 8380 UB Building, Office # 308 Al Garhoud, Dubai, UAE Phone +971 (0) 428 200 14 Fax +971 (0) 428 200 63 E-mail ernst@tgt-dubai.com www.werzalit.com AOC The colours / decors shown in this brochure can differ from the original tones due to printing limitations. All rights reserved. All texts, images, graphics and other information published here are under copyright by...

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