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2013 Product Range. AD M M AN Y Window sills. Balconies. Terrace flooring. Façades. Table tops. E IN GE R

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Contents Window sills exclusiv indoor window sill exclusiv-drop-nose system window sill compact indoor window sill compact-drop-nose system window sill expona indoor window sill Processing service Colours and decors P. 14 – 21 Balconies long profile f rügen short profile long profile s neckar short profile allgäu shaped profile square cladding panel systema railing system modula 400 extension balcony system Colours and decors P. 22 – 31 Terrace flooring terraza terrace profile NEW: terraza bz terrace profile terraza terrace tile paseo terrace profile paseo terrace tile entero solid terrace...

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Original products with unbeatable service WERZALIT offers you a comprehensive product range for indoors and outdoors. The selection ranges from window sills to terrace flooring, from façades and balconies to table tops for restaurants, gardens and terraces. Your key benefits at a glance: ✔ Comprehensive product selection for indoors and outdoors: window sills, façades, balconies, terrace ooring and table tops ✔ Almost all WERZALIT products are PEFC-certied ✔ No tropical wood, no old wood ✔ Production according to DIN ISO 9001 ✔ Multiple product awards ✔ Global representation ✔ Competent...

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Materials: Selected for a long life Weather resistance and long lifespans are critical characteristics of products used outdoors. By using robust materials capable of withstanding wind, weather, wood-destroying fungi and insects, WERZALIT offers lastingly beautiful products that require only minimal maintenance. WERZALIT wood material High-pressure laminate The WERZALIT wood material is used to produce window sills, balcony proles and façade proles. A patented manufacturing process combines the natural properties of wood with the resistance of high-quality resins. The coating is indelibly...

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For German production, WERZALIT uses industrial timber originating exclusively from regional, PEFC-certified forestry operations. 5

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6 AD M M AN Y Window sills E IN GE R Easy-to-care-for wood decors for a warm atmosphere. exclusiv window sill, decor: 445 hornbeam

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Whether a new building or renovation - window sills must always satisfy high physical requirements. WERZALIT window sills are manufactured according to a patented process as high-pressure moulded parts. They are resistant to construction moisture, dimensionally stable and long-lasting. WERZALIT window sills stand for quality in all respects. Your key benefits at a glance: ✓ Large selection of shapes, A view with style In interior design, selecting the right window sill is a matter of aesthetics. Whether you are looking for an unobtrusive room element or a pronounced accent, WERZALIT offers...

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Extra service from WERZALIT: Factory ABS edge sealing in furniture quality (here: exclusiv window sill, exclusiv-drop-nose, system window sill, colour: 001 white Classic, beautiful exclusiv indoor window sill The 34mm thick moulded edge lends the high-quality exclusiv indoor window sill a classic appearance. Robust, dimensionally stable and easy to care for, the material properties of these window sills make them perfect for private as well as public exclusiv-drop-nose system window sill The exclusive-drop-nose system window sill with drop-nose is perfect for fitting out new buildings or as...

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compact window sill, decor: 311 carrara compact. Straight, modern compact indoor window sill compact indoor window sills have a contemporary, straight look with a pronounced bevel on the front edge and a sleek prole. Their material properties make them suitable for use in both private and public areas. compact-drop-nose system window sill In commercial construction and renovation, the compact-dropnose system window sill enables perfect and uncomplicated solutions. The drop-nose allows it to be installed directly overtop existing window sills in need of renovation. The window sill can also...

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expona indoor window sill, surface: 001 white, front edge: 021 metallic expona. The indoor window sill with a clear design Colour of the window sill surface: 001 white, colours and decors of the ABS front and side edges: 327 red, 338 blue, 103 wenge, 416 multiplex The straight, right-angled front edge with ABS edge sealing in furniture quality denes the design of the expona indoor window sill. With stone, wood and colour decors, expona is available with surfaces that are both appealing to the touch and easy to care for, ranging from smooth or semi-glossy to a pearl or ne texture. We offer...

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Custom processing Profit from the unique WERZALIT window sill processing service. We handle the individual processing from cutting to coating. This saves you time and money. And the quality is flawless Your key benefits at a glance: ✓ No material waste, no risk of faulty cuts ✓ ABS edge sealing in furniture processing centre Individual, professional processing WERZALIT can deliver window sills fully cut to order, including with notching or milled-out sections, if required. You pay only for the delivered quantities plus only a small cutting surcharge. This saves you extensive work,...

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Window sills Colours and decors exclusiv | expona exclusiv window sill, expona window sill surfaces and ABS front and side edges exclusiv and expona, decor collection Stone, price group I, surface: smooth, semi-glossy 001 white 167 cream 018 light grey 008 light marble ** 070 marble bianco 310 dolomite ** 131 quartz 021 metallic 112 puntinella exclusiv and expona, colour range Uni, price group II, surface: pearl texture 418 light grey exclusiv and expona, decor collection Wood, price group II, surface: fine texture 038 maple 415 light oak 445 hornbeam 103 wenge 151 meranty 055 black 416...

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Window sills Colours and decors compact compact window sill, decor collection Stone, price group I, surface: smooth, semi-glossy 001 white * 310 dolomite 311 carrara 070 marble bianco compact window sill, colour range Emotion, price group II, surface: pearl texture * Discontinued article, available while supplies last ** Only for exclusiv *** Colour range Uni, price group I 334 light yellow 418 light grey 420 dark grey 055 black 400 polar white *** More information available at: Take advantage of the unique WERZALIT processing service for high-precision prefabrication....

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