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Speed climbing Walls WHIITOPIA CHOOSING A SPEED WALL FOR YOUR CLIMBING GYM Speed climbing is the only climbing discipline that is uniquely focused on competition. In recent years and especially after its inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, speed climbing has gained popularity and many professional and non-professional climbing gyms are adding speed walls to their facilities. • Bringing in competitive teams - Paying attention to professional athletes’ needs and turning them into loyal advocates for your gym. • Giving the possibility to host or organize competitions - Local, national,...

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Some of the main IFSC requirements for competition speed walls to be considered when planning to feature a speed wall in a gym: • Two possible heights: 10 m/15 m • Clear ceiling height needed to place the top anchors: 11.7 m/16.7 m • The climbing wall should start 20 cm above the ground • The climbing wall must continue 50 cm above the finish button • Width: 3 m each climbing line, 2 lines side by side • The 2 climbing lines must be no further than 1 m apart • Overhang: 5° • protection height: 100 cm above the Top climbing wall • protection distance from the wall: 100 cm, Top standing out •...

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Speed climbing Walls WHIITOPIAWHO WE ARE WALLTOPIA IS THE WORLD’S LEADING CLIMBING WALL MANUFACTURER Founded in Bulgaria in 1998, to date Walltopia has built more than 1800 projects in 76 countries on 6 continents. We design, produce and build climbing walls with the goal to provide the most up-to-date appearance and technology. We are committed to continuous improvement and expanding of our portfolio of products and services to ensure the highest quality and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our HQ is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, but we also have sales offices in the USA, Canada,...

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