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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 1

The multi-way splitter is not for sale in the US.

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 2

Wfl UTOPIA Walltopia is the world leader in climbing walls manufacturing and active entertainment attractions with more than 1800 projects in over 70 countries. Our Active Entertainment product line evolved from our experience in the climbing wall industry and the natural human craving for play. We were driven by the desire to transform physical activity into amusing and purposeful play, suitable and entertaining for everyone, with no need of specific sport preparation and minimum equipment required for the participants. Providing versatile experience, in their core our products share one...

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 3

WHLTOPIA-ROPES COURSES THE THRILL OF HEIGHTS Walltopia Ropes Courses challenge flexibility, balance and strength in a thrill-boosting way, while ensuring maximum safety in conjunction with eurocode safety standards. All our ropes courses offer a wide range of difficulty levels that appeal to both children and adults. The brand's attractions are appropriate for participants as young as five years old. The multi-way splitter is not for sale in the US.

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 4

Ideal locations MULTI-DEMOGRAPHIC APPEAL FLEXIBLE BUSINESS MODELS The difficulty of each obstacle can be tailored to preference or to specific age groups. Our courses accommodate linear per-ride or multi-directional hourlyticketed operation models. FECs OUTDOOR PARKS AQUARIUMS & ZOOS SHOPPING CENTERS OPERATION EFFICIENCY EASY INTEGRATION Highest manufacturing and safety standards ensure hassle-free operation and low maintenance costs. Flexible designs & extensive theming options allow for easy integration while strengthening storytelling. CUSTOMER SUPPORT TRUSTWORTHY INVESTMENT Dedicated...

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 5

2012 International Building Code Design, engineering and manufacturing Each and every ropes course is different - an experienced team of more than 40 designers and engineers create every single project from the ground up given the specific features of the available space. Our manufacturing process complies with all relevant European standards which ensures the highest quality of the final product. Installation A team of 8 project managers and over 50 full-time Walltopia technicians ensure that the highest quality and safety standards are applied when providing a turn-key solution. All...

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 6

ROPES COURSES MODELS Walltopia Ropes Courses are varied and flexible in order to meet each project’s specific requirements and constraints. They can be adapted to accommodate different operation models and floor layouts optimizing throughput. 11 The multi-way splitter is not for sale in the US.

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 7

Our best-seller the Hex is our bread and butter. Its modularity makes it highly versatile while its design allows for the highest density of obstacles. It is the ideal fit in most situations. Our Curved model is designed to take advantage of complex, scattered footprints. Seamlessly flowing through an entire facility, this ropes course certainly speaks for itself. The go-to solution when there is need for a suspended ropes course because its structure is easy to fix to support beams. Standing 26 m (85 ft) tall, sporting a spectacular design and featuring distinctive obstacles, The Tree is...

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 8

Hex • Modular design - easy vertical and horizontal expansion • Single or multi-level course • Best multi-directional layout A modular structure The Hex and Cube structures are composed of individual sections which can be laid out next to each other to expand the course both horizontally and vertically. The angles of the sections form platforms and the sides - obstacles. The obstacles are available in 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 m lengths (13.1, 16.4, 19.7, 23 ft) Configuration examples Slim arrangement 52 obstacles, 4 levels Footprint: ~ 154 m2 / 1658 ft2 • Great stand-alone attraction • Highest...

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 9

Cube • odular design - easy vertical and M horizontal expansion • Single or multi-level course • Best linear layout • Great stand-alone attraction • High throughput • Theming possibilities • Easily suspended from ceiling Multi-directional layout This layout leads visitors to spend more time on the course as they try to complete every obstacle. Linear layout This layout only allows a linear movement through the course resulting in a higher throughput. Cube | Suspended 8 Poles | 120 m2 / 1292 ft2 Multi-option linear layout This layout only allows movement in one direction but it offers 3...

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 10

Curved • Highly flexible design which • Great stand-alone attraction accommodates complex footprints • Theming possibilities • Single or multi-level course • Linear layout for high throughput Space optimization at his finest The Curved ropes course was developed to answer a specific need - fit an attraction when the available footprint is complex and scattered. It is designed to slalom around existing structures while remaining unobtrusive to pedestrians who can safely walk under it. It has the added benefit of taking guests on a tour of the facility's attractions.

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 11

The Tree • Unparalleled design • High throughput on limited footprint • Single or multi-level course • Theming possibilities • Innovative layout • Integrated viewing deck • Star attraction potential A statement This eye-catching 26 m (85 ft) tall structure, in its 3 levels version, offers 8 loops with 4 consecutive obstacles per level for a total of 96 obstacles. It also features a 135 m2 (1453 ft2) viewing deck at the very top which comfortably holds 90 people. The Tree was conceived to be the star of the show and is a massive billboard for any operator lucky enough to own one. Layout of a...

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Walltopia Ropes Courses - 12

SAFETY TALK Walltopia is dedicated to deliver utmost safety for both its clients and their guests. It goes without saying that each ropes course complies with industry standards. However, Walltopia believes that safety is much more than legislation, it’s about creating an efficient and inspiring product allowing operators to reduce distractions and truly focus on the quality of what they do. It’s about creating better experiences.

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