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Walltopia Harmonized Climbing Walls


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A universal platform for route sharing between climbing gyms

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Harmonized Walls Concept The key to a successful climbing gym lies in the good route setting. The growing popularity of indoor climbing and the rapid expansion of the industry has lead to shortage of quality route setting. The number of climbing gyms has increased tremendously in the recent years while the number of skilled route setters hasn’t been able to keep up the pace - the workforce simply can’t meet the needs for quality route setting in all the gyms. Walltopia Harmonized System aims to optimize the way route setting is being done. The Harmonized system is a universal platform that...

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Walltopia Harmonized Climbing Walls - 3

Benefits FOR THE CLIMBING GYM OWNER: • Get immediate access to a database with quality routes online. • Offer your clients greater diversity of routes at a low cost. • eplicate routes throughout multiple locations. R • oost your expansion plans without facing lack of experienced route setters in all of your locations. B • Receive feedback from the end customer about the routes in your gym(s). • each your clients easily through the mobile app and alert them about new routes. R FOR THE ROUTE SETTER: • Create routes that can be sold online to a climbing gym on the opposite side of the world. •...

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Design Features VARIETY OF ANGLES 13° 17°

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0° World Championships Innsbruck Finals Boulder

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Apply Unique Colors

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Walltopia Harmonized Climbing Walls - 14

Software Custom developed software serves all three user groups of e-walls via different modules with different access levels made to suit the needs of each one of them. A mobile app serving the climbing gym’s end customer - the climber. It provides a catalogue of the present routes, achievement tracking system and feedback for the gym owner. • Download the app for iOS or Android on your mobile device. • See an overview map of the gym, search and activate the routes available in the gym. • asily find the routes available at the lines in front of you in the grade range you prefer. E • Log...

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Walltopia Harmonized Climbing Walls - 15

A mobile app serving the route setters. It features a database of all the holds available, interactive tool for lighting up and manging the active routes and archive of routes. • Create routes and share them online. • Manage the route setting at multiple locations. • Access already created routes, download and edit them. • eceive feedback from the end customers R through the mobile app. A desktop app serving the gym owner and manager. It features routes management system and stats about the user activity in your facility. • See statistics about the popularity of the routes in your gym and...

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Walltopia Harmonized Climbing Walls - 16

Hardware Custom engineered hardware developed to serve the purposes of e-walls and the Harmonized system consists of the following units: RGB LED NODES • Installed on the climbing panels • laced by every t-nut P at a density of 36 per sq.m (4 per sq.ft) • Offering a wide range of possible colors CONTROL BOX • ach box controls E up to 215 sq.m (2314 sq.ft) of climbing surface • Multiple control boxes utilize bigger areas • asy to maintain: each E component can be easily

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DESKTOP SERVER • ontains the local database and local app C controlling the hardware. • Serves for connection point between the local server and control box. Provides access to the cloud database

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