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Walltopia Artificial Caves


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Walltopia Artificial Caves - 2

CAVES CAVES SAMPLE PROJECT Walltopia Caves recreate real rock formations and bring the mystic world of the underground into your facility. Squeezing through tiny holes, walking through stalactites and stalagmites, diving into sumps and hunting treasures are just a part of the experience. The Caves are gamified to enhance the adventure, feeding the natural curiosity for exploration beneath the surface. Emergency Exit Descending Spiral Emergency Exit Ascending Boulder Duck Walk Boulder Field Horizontal Squeeze Boulder Field Ancient Life Chamber ifeall Sump Trial Route Vertical Squeeze Fossil...

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Walltopia Artificial Caves - 3

CAVE EXPERIENCE CAVE EXPERIENCE CRAWLING EXPLORATION A cave made from narrow tunnels with a variety of routes. The participants have to crawl and squeeze to pass different obstacles which turn the experience into physical and challenging adventure. BALL SUMP BOULDER ASCENT BOULDER FIELD STALACTITE CHAMBER VERTICAL SQUEEZE DESCENDING SPIRAL HORIZONTAL SQUEEZE ANCIENT LIFE CHAMBER WALKING EXPLORATION A cave made from chambers and tall tunnels which resemble a real cavern. The experience is explorational and educational – the participants walk through various rock formations and learn about...

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Walltopia Artificial Caves - 4

REFERENCE PROJECTS EDUCATIONAL GAMES FUNTOPIA GLENVIEW GLENVIEW, CHICAGO, IL, USA Fill the volcano with lava The participants search for hidden fossils. Each fossil is connected with a RFID reader. Тhe participants collect points when they find the right fossil. RFID reader starts the game. The participants have to hit a button as fast as they can to fill the underground passage with lava. MUZEIKO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM SOFIA, BULGARIA Different lights start shining in particular order. The participants should remember the pattern and light them up in the same order. DUNMORE EAST ADVENTURE...

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Walltopia Artificial Caves - 5

COMPANY OVERVIEW Walltopia is a global leader in climbing wall design and manufacture. Stepping on our experience in the climbing industry, we developed a variety of active entertainment products that combine sports with fun and bring a healthy dose of adrenaline. Our portfolio includes Fun Walls - interactive climbing walls for kids, low and high ropes adventure courses, Walltopia caves, Rollglider - aerial ride that delivers the thrill of flying, Ninja Course - obstacle courses inspired by a famous TV show.

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