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ONI - 1


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ONI - 2

Wafer-thin, wonderfully warm and a delight for the eye. The new Vasco Oni extends the boundaries of radiator design. A copper heating tube with minimal water content is integrated into the ultra-thin aluminium front plate (with optional cut-outs for hanging towels). So this ´floating´ flat radiator is not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely efficient and energy-saving. Ideal in combination with DISCOVER THE EXTENSIVE RANGE OF DESIGNER RADIATORS IN COMBINATION WITH UNDERFLOOR HEATING AND VENTILATION AT WWW.VASCO.EU is a comprehensive provider of heating and ventilation solutions...

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ONI - 3

The timeless Oni combines clean and sober design with unsurpassed user-friendliness. With its gently rounded corners and slender heating surface, it elicits admiration in every interior. The Oni is available in virtually all Vasco colours and thus easily matches every setting. SIMPLICITY O-P WHITE FINE TEXTURE SIMPLICITY AND EFFICIENCY COMBINED IN THE ABSOLUTE ESSENCE, FREE OF ANY SUPERFLUITY

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ONI - 4

The Vasco Oni is available in two models: model O-NP without cut-outs, as a completely flat designer radiator and model O-P with one or two cut-outs for hanging towels. Both models are 500 mm wide and available in three heights of 1400, 1800 and 2000 mm. Moreover the refined cut-outs are a technological tour de force because they have the same gentle curves as the outer corners of the radiator. They fit precisely into the meander structure of the copper heating tube. So, with or without cut-outs... you get just as much heating comfort! Choose the completely flat version for a refined play...

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ONI - 5

Oni is composed of a reinforced aluminium plate of 8 mm, making it the thinnest Vasco radiator ever. The pathway for the heating tube is milled out to 2 mm below the surface. The tube is then pressed into the aluminium plate. The result: a paper-thin radiator that, in combination with the discrete middle connection, appears to float in front of the wall. Thanks to the minimal water content and the combination of copper and aluminium, the Oni responds quickly and efficiently. THIN O-P MELON YELLOW Even the largest version (500 x 2000 mm) weighs scarcely 23 kg and can be installed fast and...

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ONI - 6

cut-outs for hanging towels the Oni aluminium front plate that warms up and effortlessly ensures that your bath towel radiates heat very quickly. is nice and warm in no time. In combination with the gently rounded Model O-P is ideal as a designer radiator

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ONI - 7


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ONI - 8

Model O-NP with its completely flat front plate is beautiful to look at and the ultra-thin design gives it a ´floating effect´. of any superfluity. In this way it perfectly matches every interior. Authentic, inspiring and effective. Not just today, but also thirty years from now. A timeless eyecatcher! It embodies the absolute essence and is free

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ONI - 9

ACCESSORY MULTI+: THE ´PERFECT MATCH´ WITH ONI TYPE O-NP! ONI AND MULTI+ can be perfectly combined with every vertical designer radiator of Vasco. The stylish towel bar, which can be attached on both the left and right of the radiator, widens out into a tablet that offers space for placing your favourite things. Thanks to the invisible fastening it looks WHITE FINE TEXTURE (S600) O-NP SAND & MULTI+ WHITE FINE TEXTURE O-NP & MULTI+ WHITE FINE TEXTURE as if MULTI+ is floating in front of the radiator.

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ONI - 10

VALVES type ref. nr. colour square valve 118210300009016 white 118210300000099 chrome 118210300009993 stainless steel return supply straight valve 118210400000099 chrome 149 ref. nr. (5 digits) width (4 digits) height (4 digits) connection (4 digits) colour (4 digits) Width MULTI+ (on the right or left) = 710 mm MULTI+ is available in the colour of the radiator, if ordered together. Extra charge +15%.

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ONI - 11

A BRAND OF THE VASCO GROUP Vasco Group nv Kruishoefstraat 50 B-3650 Dilsen T. +32 (0)89 79 04 11 Version february 2019. Vasco cannot be held responsible for possible misprints and any changes in the programme. General conditions of sale: Design: Studio Segers I Photography: Studio Ink-Sven Geboers I Thanks to: Studio PSG & At Home Publishers Architects: Daniel Feytongs Interieurarchitect (pg 6), Artenic (pg 8), Walter Wuyts Architect (pg 9), Pluspunt Architecten-Ellen Vertommen (pg 10,13,16), Raf Segers Architect (pg 12)

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