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VASCO CLIMATE CONTROL WHEREVER YOU ARE CLIMATE CONTROL VASCO-APP CLIMATE CONTROL CAN BE DOWNLOADED FOR IOS AND ANDROID FREE OF CHARGE. The new Climate Control system of Vasco lets you enter a world of unrivalled user comfort. From now on, your radiators, ventilation and underfloor heating will be connected to the Internet via a single interface. Thanks to the user-friendly app, you can always log in from anywhere for setting your optimal indoor comfort: room by room. Wherever you are! Connecting is child’s play, but your comfort makes a quantum leap! Control your indoor climate using the handy Vasco Climate Control app. View our installation video on YouTube: Vasco App Climate Control Tutorial Using Vasco’s intuitive Climate Control app, you can fully control your indoor climate wherever you are. The technology is cloud-based so that you can always log in from anywhere to check or to adjust your indoor climate. THE OPTIMAL INDOOR CLIMATE IN JUST 3 STEPS 1 DOWNLOAD THE FREE VASCO CLIMATE CONTROL APP 2 LOG IN AND PROGRAM YOUR PERSONAL SETTINGS 3 CONNECT TO YOUR VASCO-GATEWAY AND CREATE YOUR IDEAL INDOOR CLIMATE Vasco Group nv Kruishoefstraat 50 B-3650 Dilsen T. +32 (0)89 79 04 11 Follow us on Facebook and YouTube. Version January 2018 Vasco shall not be liable for any printing errors and possible changes in the range of products. Sales conditions: Design: Studio Segers FULL CONTROL OF YOUR INDOOR CLIMATE WITH RADIATORS, VENTILATION & UNDERFLOOR HEATIN

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CREATE THE IDEAL INDOOR CLIMATE USING VASCO CLIMATE CONTROL MORE COMFORT LESS ENERGY USING VASCO CLIMATE CONTROL Using Vasco Climate Control, you trim your energy invoice by controlling radiators, ventilation and underfloor heating as efficiently as possible. More comfort, less energy User-friendly Easy installation Smart climate zone control (in each room separately) Temperature control for radiators, ventilation and underfloor heating 4 standard scenarios: wake up, away, at home and sleep Programmable daily schedule and life style Wireless connection to the internet is supported by...

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