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BATHROOM RADIATOR (CH) IN COMBINATION WITH FLOOR HEATING • ideal for existing bathrooms and renovation projects • floor heating in combination with radiant heat of the radiator • independent regulation for radiator and floor heating • possibility of separate regulation: - volume flow of the radiator can be regulated - temperature of the floor heating can be regulated • radiator valve set in white or chrome FOR OPTIMAL HEATING COMFORT IN THE BATHROOM When renovating their bathroom, many people wish to combine floor heating with a bathroom radiator. That isn´t an easy job with just a single heating circuit. Especially for this purpose Vasco has developed a “CH/FH” connection valve that combines the two elements, i.e. the bathroom radiator on CH and floor heating. The connection valve fits with all Vasco floor heating systems. For easy mounting, all of the connections are located on the back of the valve set. The thermostatic head controls the radiator, the other button at the bottom of the valve set limits the return temperature to one allowed for the floor heating, without the necessary higher temperature level of the radiator being affected. The possibility for separate regulation In bathroom renovation projects, great value is placed of radiator and floor heating is thus maintained. on the comfortable warmth of floor heating - but no one wants to dispense with a bathroom radiator to furnish a bit of extra radiant heat. Firstly, in order to compensate for a possible undercapacity if the floor surface area is too small, and secondly to heat and dry towels or be able to warm up the bathroom quickly. The challenge in fulfilling this requirement is the different temperature regimes that apply for floor HIGH REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BATHROOM heating and radiators. For this, only the already- DESIGN present heating connection is necessary in order The entire valve set is hidden behind a cover plate to link up the floor heating (the supply and return (white or chrome) and so cannot be seen. The pipes have to be 50 mm apart from one another). design of the radiator and the interior are thereThis means that complicated architectural structures fore not influenced by disturbing elements such for an extra collector or intervention in the CH boiler as regulation or wall boxes. The valve set can be regulation are no longer necessary. combined with most Vasco radiators (see Vasco price list or go to: supply of hot water return of hot water TECHNICAL DATA • Operating temperature: 2 °C to 70 °C • Max. operating pressure: 10 bar • Fluid: water and suitable water-glycol mixtures in accordance with directive VDI 2035. Not suitable for steam, oily or aggressive fluids. • Return temperature range: 10 °C to 40 °C • Wall connection • Only two-pipe system • Connection radiator side: ½” or ¾” • Connection coupling side: ¾” (Euroconus) CH/FH VALVE PRICES (Central Heating/Floor Heating): White: Art.-Nr. 118230500009016 Chrome: Art.-Nr. 118230500000099 Vasco Group nv Kruishoefstraat 50 B-3650 Dilsen T. +32 (0)89 79 04 11

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