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What happens if you reduce two vertical is a comprehensive provider of heating and ventilation solutions throughout the world, especially for residential applications. Its best-known brands are Vasco, Brugman and Superia. Vasco is a leading producer of designer radiators, ventilation and underfloor heating, and market leader in bathroom radiators (Benelux). Brugman and Superia are high-quality brands for panel radiators and belong to the absolute top in their segment. Vasco Group develops and optimises improved technologies and products for the indoor climate of the end user. This is...

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A RC HITEC TU RA L ES SEN C E, NO MORE, N O LESS Both the flat verticality of the Beams and the But you can reduce things further until only the The connection to the heating circuit was also fanciful interplay of lines of the Bryce have essence remains. No more, no less. And so one carefully conceived and meticulously concealed. earned national and international success. For developed the concept for Beams Mono and Vasco thus opens up an unprecedented world of years now, these two Vasco winners, a design Bryce Mono, the most minimalist aluminium possibilities for architects and end...

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MINIMALIST DESIGN TECHNICAL INNOVATION Behind the honest simplicity of Beams Mono and Bryce Mono lies a daring technical feat that the R&D team of Vasco pushed to the extreme. Unlike the standard Beams and Bryce design radiators, the Mono version consists of 1 or more individual profiles that are 150 mm wide. The Beams radiator is characterised by its flat design and the Bryce radiator’s special feature is its playful lines pattern. The collector remains completely hidden from sight, even from the side. Bryce Mono, Tele Grey 4 BRYCE MONO BEAMS MONO BEAMS MONO ALUMINIUM PROFILES

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CONNECTION AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL Vasco works with discrete built-in thermostat For the coupling to the heating circuit, a new and boxes that the installer can easily integrate on ingenious connector block was developed, where the wall. the valve set is hidden from view. The connector block offers the installer the possibility to individually close off the supply and drain pipes, Built-in thermostat box so that, if necessary, the profile can be removed The thermostatic head can perfectly well receive while water continues to be supplied to the rest of a place independent of the radiator,...

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Singular or plural: the combination possibilities The narrow vertical profile of 150 mm can be are up to you! For example, three Beams or used throughout the house, from the bathroom Bryce Mono profiles in a row, even in different to the kitchen and living room. In plain sight, height dimensions and colours. In a tight single or discreetly integrated into a narrow niche. As row, or progressing in height or distance. For an individual profile or several. With the Mono architects and end customers, Beams and concept they are endless. And there are no Bryce Mono open up a whole new concept...

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FUNCTIONAL ACCESSORIES To make the beautiful Beams Mono and Bryce Mono even more user-friendly, Vasco provides square matching luxury accessories which are easy to mount on the back of the radiator. Available in a short, square or rectangular towel rail. In the colours White Fine Texture, Jet Black and Anthracite January. Bryce Mono, Orange Brown

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HOW TO ORDER BEAMS MONO OR BRYCE MONO Delivery time 15 - 30 working days (transport duration not included) ref. nr. (5 digits) width (4 digits) height (4 digits) connection (4 digits) colour (4 digits) In conformity with EN442-1: 2014: radiators and convectors UNITED KINGDOM. Prices in £ (excl. VAT) EAMS& BRYCE A SINGLE COLLECTION FOR THE ENTIRE HOME 0022/0002/008 t=H INVISIBLY CONCEALED CONNECTION PIPES The architectural elegance of the Beams and Bryce Mono profiles is only possible thanks to the ingenious new connector block that is invisibly concealed within the profile. The installer...

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VASCO A BRAND OF VASCO GROUP Vasco Group nv Kruishoefstraat 50 B-3650 Dilsen T. +32 (0)89 79 04 11 Version July 2018 - Vasco shall not be liable for any printing errors and possible changes in the range of products. Sales conditions: Design: Studio Segers I Photography: Studio PSG / Thanks to Kreon, Architect Raf Segers, Ceyssens Glas & At Home Publishers

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