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Vasco is part of the Vasco Group, a total provider of heating and ventilation solutions cross the world, but mainly in Europe. Wellknown brands are: Vasco, Brugman and Superia. Vasco is a leading producer of designer radiators, ventilation and underfloor heating and a market leader in bathroom radiators (Benelux). Brugman and Superia are quality branded panel radiators and rank among the absolute best in their sector. The Vasco Group develops and optimises improved technologies and products for the indoor climate through a strong focus on the end users individual needs. The quest for...

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Brochure 2015 - 3

RADIATORS VENTILATION UNDERFLOOR HEATING Vasco has been making radiators which are the perfect synergy between comfort and aesthetics for more than 40 years. They produce products that innovate, surprise yet continue to blend easily with any interior. As such Vasco is the absolute market leader in designer and bathroom radiators. The technical know-how that Vasco has accumulated as ‘comfort specialist’ over the last 40 years led to the development of an underfloor heating system central to which is customisation. The result is optimum heating convenience and considerable savings on your...

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Brochure 2015 - 4

SMART AND MEANINGFUL BUSINESS IS IN OUR GENES DNA are our smallest hereditary particles. All genetic information is stored in our DNA. It is literally the blue print of our organism. HIGH GRADE, QUALITATIVE PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS WITH AN INNOVATIVE SUSTAINABLE CHARACTER AND A PRONOUNCED DESIGN Organisations, brands and products also have a DNA; a genetic code which contains all the characteristics and features that make an organisation, brand or product unique. Vasco was founded in 1971 and has been successfully putting its DNA into practise for the last 40 years, developing into a brand that...

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Brochure 2015 - 5

PASSION FOR TECHNIQUE AND SUSTAINABILITY PRODUCTS WITH A LONG LIFE AND ENERGY EFFICIENT COMFORT THAT GUARANTEE RETURN ON INVESTMENT Vasco produces heating solutions from a firm conviction that functionality and design are two essential complimentary components when creating an optimal work and living climate. The technical standard that Vasco imposes when designing and developing designer radiators are exceptionally high as are the styling requirements. This has led to products and solutions that are unique and trendsetting on the market today. Vasco was the first to use laser technology on...

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Brochure 2015 - 6

FORM INNOVATION PASSION FOR INNOVATION AND DESIGN For everyone involved at Vasco, innovation is a fulltime activity. Everything is aimed at developing and evolving new techniques, products and solutions; an attitude that automatically leads to innovative ideas and applications. In conjunction with the University of Stuttgart – a world authority on heating technology, Vasco developed a number of new applications to perfect the production of aluminium radiators, such that we can safely speak of a new phase in the evolution of radiator technology. The result is a leading range of heating...

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Brochure 2015 - 7

YOUR DNA AND OURS, A NATURAL CHEMISTRY PASSION FOR COMFORT Every Vasco designer radiator is the result of a solution orientated thought process. Knowing that authenticity and innovation are important choice factors, that living spaces can be changed and are often rearranged and more than ever becoming spaces of comfort. Bathrooms are becoming wellness centres where the essence of enjoyment is taken to the max, where rest and relaxation are the norm, where functionality and design guarantee the right atmosphere. That strong connection with people of today, their environment, their...

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Brochure 2015 - 8

NATURAL GREY MATT PURE GREY MATT METALLIC GREY BLUE GREEN STRUCTURE MINERAL TERRA COTTA MINERAL Mist White Signal White Grey Aluminium Dark Blue Dark Brown N500 RAL 9003 M307 9801 9808 Sand Light Tele Grey 4 White Aluminium Mid Blue Rust Brown N502 RAL 7047 M306 9802 9809 UNI COLOURS FINE TEXTURE SANITARY MATT WHITE BLACK A POETIC COLOUR PALLET A cataphoretic primer (as in the car industry) and a final finish of electrostatic applied epoxy polyester coating guarantee a perfect finish in various Melon Yellow Cream White Gloss White contemporary colours and textures. 9815 RAL 9001 9825 Vasco...

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Brochure 2015 - 9

ALUMINIUM ECO-DESIGN IN ITS PUREST FORM If ever there was such a thing as the And these benefits are countless. perfect marriage between heating Aluminium is produced from bauxite, and design, then aluminium is the a natural raw material that can ideal matchmaker. be repeatedly reused without losing any of its qualities or properties. Together with the University of Stuttgart, Vasco has developed a new generation Aluminium is light and therefore easy to of aluminium radiators that utilizes and install. It is a strong yet flexible material that guarantees a contour-stable structure and...

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Brochure 2015 - 10

BEAMS I ALUMINIUM RADIATOR 490 X 1800 mm COLOUR: LIGHT BLUE DIMENSIONS / OUTPUT > PG 124 FUNCTIONALITY AT ITS BEST Architectural space is the model for this innovative, multiple award-winning, radiator concept—the Vasco Beams. Beam-shaped volumes together form a robust whole, in beautiful balance with the geometric architecture in the living space. The structural accessories offer the possibility to lay the desired accents yourself. Two water channels per element ensure high output and, as a bonus, optimal energy efficiency. In 2014, the Vasco Beams won the renowned Reddot Design Award.

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ALU-ZEN I ALUMINIUM RADIATOR 525 X 1800 mm COLOUR: FOREST GREEN DIMENSIONS / OUTPUT > PG 124 WHEN HEAT BECOMES VISIBLE A designer radiator, inspired by the elegance and tranquillity of natural curves. A design that is reinforced by the matching accessories for the contemporary bathroom. All of this in combination with quick, practical installation, by means of the handy central connection, and optimal heat emission. The Alu-Zen is your guarantee of a true spa atmosphere. ALU-ZEN I FOREST GREEN

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