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Beams - 2

When climate control becomes art Nowhere is comfort cherished so intensely, aesthetics experienced as intensively and quality of life experienced so purely as in your own home. The home nowadays is a centre of wellbeing, intimacy and serenity, where the atmosphere is determined by the extent to which all this is in balance with each other... With Beams, Vasco introduces a design radiator that transforms the climate in the house to a unique, purely sensory experience. A solution with which home designer Wim Segers once again proves why Vasco is and remains the absolute reference in the world...

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Beams - 3

BEAMS HEAT AT ITS MOST BEAUTIFUL ALUMINIUM RADIATOR Timeless design The attractive, vertical styling and the extremely polished workmanship ensure that Beams always remains very attractive. A combination of robust profiles and fine, geometric accessories. It is possible to create the desired accents at any time with the interchangeable towel rails. Guarantees for a timeless, energy efficient radiator comfort for a life time Because of the distinct styling and extremely durable characteristics, Beams have been awarded many important prizes, such as a Henry Van de Velde label and the Ovam...

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Beams - 4

Suitable for low temperature systems A Beams radiator saves 15% on energy. Beams is in addition a safe, family-friendly radiator: the water flows through the core and not along the surface. Aluminium radiator Beams stores heat rapidly, because it contains much less water than a conventional radiator: 2 litres instead of 10 litres. Beams delivers heat much faster, because it conducts four times better than a traditional radiator. Beams prevents heat loss through the wall, due to optimal positioning and dimensions of the convection fins at the back. An ingenious system, developed in...

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Beams - 5


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Beams - 7

The perfect symbiosis of creativity and technical ingenuity Beams is a design radiator in which style and ingenuity find each other perfectly. Top design, equipped with innovative features for easy installation and optimal operating convenience. Cleverly concealed central connection, which allows “uninterrupted” lines. Concealed vent, in the past often an eyesore, now completely invisible with the guarantee of a long life span. Unique mounting, again resulting in a more attractive look. automatic concealed vent unique mounting backside Beams radiator Easy insert for accessories, which...

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Beams - 8

BEAMS HEAT MADE TO MEASURE Beams is built up out of vertical aluminium profiles and assembled via a patented pressfit. Each radiator is provided with a protecting basic layer that covers 100% and is then lacquered with a powder coating. The standard working pressure is 10 bar, the maximum operating temperature is 110°C.

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Beams - 9

BEAMS VERSIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS CONNECTION VALVE square return rreturn supply AUTOMATIC VENT VALVE straight Two-point connection for one pipe system (connection via central connection) Two-point connection for two pipe system (standard) colour ref. no. white 118210300009016 chrome 118210300000099 stainless 18210300009993 1 steel 160 price colour ref. no. price This is located at the left top at the back of the radiator 131 146 chrome 118210400000099 146 and is supplied standard 172 RADIATORS TO ORDER type profiles pieces price colour STOCK RADIATORS (COLOUR: S600) ACCESSORIES Short...

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Beams - 10

Zaros simple design for durable, safe heat Canyon rhythmic look coupled to a functional touch Bryce discreet volume with surprising play of light Alu-zen soft lines and optimum heat output ALUMINIUM RADIATORS THAT EXCEL BECAUSE OF THEIR LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND COMFORTABLE HEAT for details, versions and accessories see our website:

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Beams - 11

Suitable for low temperature heating Product improvement Having chosen aluminium as its base material, Vasco sets the standard since 2009 for a new, promising generation of design radiators. ALUMINIUM HEAT AT ITS MOST ECONOMICAL Just like the Beams radiator, Alu-Zen, Bryce, Canyon and Zaros are each and every one high-tech aluminium radiators with innovative styling in the existing aluminium product range by Vasco. Aluminium isn’t called the green metal without any reason. Aluminium is extracted from bauxite, a natural raw material. Aluminium is 100% recyclable front Beams radiator and can...

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Beams - 12

Vasco, more than aluminium radiators Assurance of a reliable partner Vasco offers a 10 year warranty on all radiators. Please contact us for the conditions. Vasco is also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and therefore guarantees a protection system for quality, environment and safety. Finally, all our products meet the new stricter European building regulations that took effect on 1 July 2013. All our radiators are therefore CE-marked. For all individual products, a Declaration of Performance (DoP) is available via Documentation and installation instructions The most current...

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