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When climate control becomes art Nowhere is comfort cherished so intensely, aesthetics experienced as intensively and quality of life experienced so purely as in your own home. The home nowadays is a centre of well-being, intimacy and serenity, where the atmosphere is determined by the extent to which all this is in balance with each other... With Arche Bath, Vasco introduces a design radiator that transforms the climate in the house to a unique, purely sensory experience. A solution with which home designer Wim Segers once again proves why Vasco is and remains the absolute reference in the...

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Arche Bath - 3

ARCHE BATh A bathroom radiator that is dependable Arche Bath, a classic beauty. Eye-catcher and trendsetter in the Arche collection. A bathroom radiator that keeps charming with its pure, architectural design and characteristic simplicity. Everything about this bathroom radiator is unique and unsurpassed: the perfect uniformity, the surprising high heat release and the superior technical nature. Behind the ultra minimalistic design is a lot of technical ingenuity that has been implemented down to the smallest detail. The Arche design has won numerous national and international awards,...

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Arche Bath - 4

arche BATh HEAT PLEASURE FOR YEARS The Arche Bath is a design radiator whose beautiful design is only matched by the superb product quality. The Ache Bath has an extra sturdy wall mount and is finished with a sustainable, easy to clean textured coating. To prevent rust, we lacquer the Arche once again with an electrostatic dip coating. Thus you are assured of splendid protection and superior quality. design valve on the central connection bottom Arche Bath radiator

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Arche Bath - 5

TECHNICAL DRAWING ARCHE BATH MODELS AND SPECIFICATIONS connection angle valve return supply colour price white 118210300009016 131 chrome 118210300000099 146 stainless 118210300009993 172 steel radiators to order type ref. n°. price colour Arche Bath is available as a standard in RAL 9016 or in any colour you want on request. VASCO cannot be held responsible for any printing errors and any changes in the program. prices in Pond (excl. VAT)

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Arche Bath - 6

THE VASCO BATHROOM COLLECTION CARRÉ BATh Sophisticated shapes in an authentic style ARCHE BATh Design, output and functionality ZANA BATh Perfectly aligned with your design and comfort needs COCOS PLUS Compact heat in a super-compact design STEEL RADIATORS THAT EXCEL THROUGH THEIR LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND COMFORTABLE HEAT For details, models and accessories, see our website:

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Arche Bath - 7

Suitable for low temperature heating Product improvement Every Vasco steel radiator is a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics. Together, experienced technicians, innovative designers and external scientific ARCHE BATh specialists create solutions where the details make the difference. PURE HEAT IN A REFINED DESIGN Steel radiators that are time and again distinguished by their pure design and their studied ease of use. Steel radiators are naturally quite heavy. Vasco makes them lighter. Innovative heating techniques provide an optimal heat absorption and release with smaller...

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Arche Bath - 8

Vasco, more than radiators Assurance of a reliable partner Vasco offers a 10 year warranty on all radiators. Please contact us for the conditions. Vasco is also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and therefore guarantees a protection system for quality, environment and safety. Finally, all our products meet the new stricter European building regulations that took effect on 1 July 2013. All our radiators are therefore CE-marked. For all individual products, a Declaration of Performance (DoP) is available via Documentation and installation instructions The most current...

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