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360° ENERGY EFFICIENT HEATING VENTILATION & COOLING FOR YOUR HOME As a leading player in the heating industry, we at Vasco felt it was time to put our in-depth knowledge to the test. In response to the energy transition that is currently taking place, we apply our expertise to new product development and are proud to be able to use this knowledge for the benefit of both the planet and our consumers. It may seem a long way off but by 2050, 100% of our energy supply will need to be sourced from sustainable and renewable energy. We take our responsibility in the pursuit of sustainability very...

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ALUMINIUM DESIGNER RADIATORS ENERGY-EFFICIENT HEATING WITH ALUMINIUM ALUMINIUM DESIGNER RADIATORS SAVE ENERGY IN 3 WAYS: Fast reaction time The core of an aluminium radiator contains only two litres of water, whereas a classic radiator will easily contain ten litres. As a direct result, an aluminium radiator will react almost instantly to the heating temperature set on the thermostat, yielding a much higher heat efficiency. Maximum heat output thanks to high degree of conductivity The optimal conductivity characteristics of aluminium radiators ensure maximum heat output, even in low...

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ELECTRIC HEATING, THE ENERGY OF THE FUTURE All electrical products are only applicable for European use! BEAMS MONO VASCO CONTINUES TO EXPAND ITS COLLECTION OF ELECTRIC RADIATORS WITH THE ALUMINIUM DESIGNER RADIATORS ONI AND BEAMS MONO, VASCO INTRODUCES UNRIVALLED TOP DESIGN IN ELECTRIC HEATING Electric heating is a hot topic. Year on year, the demand from installers and consumers for innovative electric heating solutions continues to rise. As insulating PV panels in our home continue to improve, electric heating provides an alternative cost-efficient and user-friendly solution. Electric...

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ENERGY-EFFICIENT ELECTRIC HEATING ELECTRIC BATHROOM RADIATORS BATHROOM RADIATORS WITH BLOWER Electric bathroom radiators with an integrated Blower operate using a self-programming intelligent control based on motion detection, this ensures you keep your energy consumption to a minimum. The Blower’s built-in motion sensor allows you to set your own weekly programme according to your lifestyle. Weekly programmes, set in advance, can always be adjusted. The Blower is available with the following five electric Vasco bathroom radiators: Agave, Aster, Carré Bath, Iris and Niva. The specific shape...

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PIANO MINI MINI COMPACT MINI COLLECTION CENTRIC VERTI LINE PIANO CENTRIC VERTI CENTRIC VERTI CENTRIC COLLECTION CENTRIC LINE PIANO CENTRIC CENTRIC COLLECTION LOW-TEMPERATURE HEATING: MAJOR ADVANTAGES WITHOUT ANY DISADVANTAGES Properly insulated houses result in lower heat consumption. The radiators can use operating temperatures of 55/45/20°C rather than the conventional temperatures of 75/65/20°C without any compromises in terms of heating comfort. This means that whereas traditional heating uses a water flow temperature between 75°C and 85°C, lowtemperature heating uses a water flow...

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NIVA COLLECTION STYLISH SIMPLICITY WITH STRAIGHT OR ROUNDED EDGES HEAT UP YOUR HOME IN STYLE The ultra-compact, stylized Niva is still a founding example for many designers and colleague manufacturers. Completely functional due to the optimum air flow and the extra high heat output that starts immediately. NIVA HORIZONTAL NIVA BATH NIVA SOFT NIVA VERTICAL Today bathrooms are being viewed more frequently as an area of calm and tranquillity, the chance to create your own private spa. Vasco understands what is required in order to create this environment. To provide the perfect ambient...

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A HEALTHY INDOOR CLIMATE STARTS WITH VASCO VENTILATION EFFICIENCY AND DESIGN CAN GO HAND IN HAND. For decades, Vasco has been committed to improving the indoor climate in our homes in a healthy, natural and energy-efficient manner. Whereas Vasco initially focused on the production of design radiators, we have intuitively evolved with the times. Over the years, Vasco’s innovative and whisper-silent ventilation systems have also been instrumental in taking living comfort to the highest level. There is much more to comfort than just a pleasant indoor temperature - comfort is also in the...

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GREAT NEWS FOR ARCHITECTS AND PROJECT MANAGERS TWO FLEXIBLE AND EASY-TO-INSTALL AIR DUCT SYSTEMS VASCO LAUNCHES NEW USER-FRIENDLY VENTILATION DUCTS FOR POURED CONCRETE EasyFlow Concrete EASYFLOW The unequalled aerodynamics of the Vasco EasyFlow air duct system ensures whisper-silent air circulation throughout your home. Together, the Vasco air duct system EasyFlow and Vasco ventilation create a unique low-noise ventilation system. A limited number of parts and a smart logistical concept guarantee easy, worry-free installation. The Vasco EasyFlow air ducts are made of sustainable HDPE....

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OPTIMUM HEATING COMFORT WITH UNDERFLOOR HEATING LOW TEMPERATURE HEATING Underfloor heating has the advantage of operating at low temperatures, with an inlet temperature between 30 °C and 45 °C. As a result, underfloor heating provides a stronger sensation of thermal comfort because the entire floor surface acts as a heating element. ENERGY-SAVING Underfloor heating not only provides a pleasant sensation of heating comfort, it is also energy-saving: • Boiler losses and distribution pipe losses are smaller • Better temperature distribution in the room, allowing a lower room temperature •...

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HEATING & COOLING WARM IN WINTER, COOL IN SUMMER THE IDEAL 2-IN-1 SOLUTION SUITABLE FOR LOW TEMPERATURE SYSTEMS A fan coil is a heat exchanger with fins, with an integrated fan that blows warm or cool air into the room. That is why this system, which works at low water temperatures from 28-40°C, is so interesting when used in combination with a heat pump. While the Niva fan coil can be used in all rooms of the residence, its cooling function makes it especially suitable for the bedroom on those hot summer nights but it ALWAYS THE DESIRED COMFORT TEMPERATURE IN can also cool down e.g. large...

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