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Rethink color Vanceva® color interlayer system

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Designing for aesthetics First, there was light. Now, there is color. Today's windows offer architects and designers a dynamic palette on which to display color. With Vanceva® color polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers, you can showcase your glazing designs in a wide spectrum of choices. Vanceva adds more than color to glass. Our interlayers add brilliance, beauty, wonder, and utility to architectural spaces—stimulating and inspiring those who inhabit them. Protection, a shade better Withstanding vigorous durability testing, all Vanceva color interlayers are made with heat-and light-stable...

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Translucency and opacity to let your brilliance shine through Today, white is more than just a blank slate on which to showcase color. White can complete a design, giving it meaning, balance, and strength. Vanceva white interlayer can be used alone or combined with the Vanceva colors to give you translucent to near opaque laminated glass. You can trust Vanceva color interlayers to produce the right white in every light. For both interior and exterior applications, use Vanceva white interlayers to create dramatic designs that feature opacity for private settings or translucent designs that...

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How to specify Vanceva® colors The Vanceva® color system offers thousands of transparent or translucent glass colors—giving architects and designers more creative freedom with glass than ever before. Vanceva® Absolute Black interlayer is another option for opaque glazing applications. The interlayer has superior uniform color and, when used with Polar White, is perfect for two sided glass color applications. Vanceva® Ocean Grey, a blue-based grey, can neutralize the color effect of low-e coatings in a laminated glazing configuration. The color can also be layered with itself to The Vanceva...

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Foundation colors The foundation palette consists of eight basic colors available in two light-transmission levels of pink, blue, grey, and yellow. These interlayer colors can be layered in various combinations to produce a myriad of transparent color options. Translucent colors If a project requires a translucent look for design or privacy reasons, you can create a translucent color by adding one of the white interlayers to the color mix. Create your next glass design online 000A Smoke Grey Arctic Snow Coral Rose Cool White Evening Shadow Solid colors Vanceva® Polar White (color F) and...

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Vanceva® Illusion White* 000J 65% transitioning to 89% N/A 57% 36% 0.68 Information provided by Eastman Inc. The data and information set forth in the table above are based on calculations and are not guaranteed for all samples or applications. All data calculated using Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Window 6.3 Product; NFRC/ASHRAE Conditions; center of Glass Values; US Standard units. Laminates constructed as: 3 mm (0.125 inch,) Clear glass [Saflex Interlayer] 3 mm (0.125 inch,) Clear glass. Colored laminate configurations consist of 0.38 mm Saflex interlayer unless noted. All alternate...

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Additional benefits of laminated glass Vanceva interlayers deliver the value-added benefits inherent in laminated glass: Safety: Protecting building occupants and pedestrians from accidental glass impact, breakage, or fallout IP Security: Providing resistance against burglary, forced-entry, ballistics, and bomb blasts Acoustic: Reducing the transmission of unwanted sound in and out of a building's environment Storm: Delivering a wide range of severe windborne debris protection Solar: Filtering more than 99% of UV rays up to 380 nm, controlling visible transmittance, reducing glare and solar...

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Architects and designers trust Saflex® and Vaneeva® Around the world, architects and designers trust Saflex and Vaneeva when safety, performance, and comfort are their most critical concerns. The reason for their confidence is simple. No matter what the specifications or performance targets, Saflex interlayer technology delivers advanced glazing performance for demanding applications. contact Us Although the information and recommendations set forth herein are presented in good faith, Eastman Chemical Company and its subsidiaries make no representations or warranties as...

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