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Vanceva® World of Color Awards™ Honorable Mention Entry: 581 Project information Project: Spectrum Location: Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia Client: QUBE Properties Glass laminator: Cooling Brothers Glass Company | www.coolingbros.com.au Date completed: February 2015 Featured products: 13.52-mm toughened low iron Area: 47 m2 Architects/Designers Artist: Rick Vermey WORLD of COLOR AWARDS™

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Color and light create a dazzling streetscape in Perth. Vanceva® color interlayers blend form and function in art installation. Few parking garages are noted for their artistic design, but Australian artist Rick Vermey has elevated parking a car to an artistic experience with his creation of Spectrum in a Perth, Australia, car park. The work is a stunning visual art installation on the lower-level parking garage of The Wexford Apartments, a boutique development by QUBE Properties in the suburb of Subiaco. Vermey combined 3.1-meter-high laminated panels of Vanceva® color interlayers and...

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