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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 1

Sustainability driven innovation Day after day, sustainability and innovation are the driving forces behind our work. Technology, product functionality and innovative solutions, cutting-edge design and research are as vital and as important as our imagination and as the care we take over detail, as our passion for natural materials and for handicraft workmanship, as the attention we pay to the quality of life, to safety and to respect for the environment. Gabriele Centazzo, designer

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 2

Valcucine headquarters and offices Pordenone_Italy

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 5

Art, beauty, nature. At the Valcucine headquarters where our ofces are immersed in natural surroundings, our love for nature becomes tangible: large windows overlook a long, gently undulating, tree-lined garden. Light, architecture, art and design permeate every space. The air is saturated with imaginative thinking and pursuit of beauty. Here Man can really live in harmony with nature.

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 9

Valcucine’s guidelines Man and nature have always been the two mainstays of Valcucine. To reduce its impact on the environment and in line with its on-going research to improve the quality of life, for years our company has been designing and manufacturing products that respect the four fundamental rules of eco-compatibility: dematerialisation, recyclability, reduction of toxic emissions and durable aesthetics and techniques. . Reduction of toxic emissions Long aesthetic/technical life

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 10

Cross-section of 10mm thick, ultralight, glass top with aluminium frame A single, glass side panel Door with 5mm thick glass panel and aluminium frame Invitrum_system of glass and aluminium doors, tops and carcasses 10

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 11

dematerialisation The Earth’s resources are limited and the request for raw materials is growing increasingly: we can’t afford to carry on wasting them. Valcucine designs and constructs high-quality furniture that uses less materials than traditional furniture and as little energy as possible while maintaining its sturdiness and design. The carcasses are reduced to the essentials while the strength of the project is expressed to the utmost degree in a feeling of lightness mixed with sturdiness. The Valcucine door is made using 85% less than the material required to produce a traditional...

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 13

recyclability and reusability To respect the environment, Valcucine manufactures products with their entire life-cycle in mind. In particular, they are designed so that the materials they are composed of can be easily recognised and sorted when they are discarded. For example, the Riciclantica door has a frame made entirely and exclusively of aluminium. Even the joints of this patented system are in aluminium, making this the only frame in the world that is 100% recyclable without having to be disassembled.

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 15

reduction of toxic emissions Valcucine carries out random analyses on materials to check for the presence of volatile substances and formaldehyde that are dangerous for our health. The aluminium and glass carcasses and drawer and jumbo drawer structures reduce formaldehyde emissions to zero. The water-based varnishes we use for the wooden parts of our furniture also drastically reduce the toxic substances produced by synthetic solvents.

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 16

Artematica Multiline

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 17

Long technical life Valcucine is the rst furniture manufacturer in the world to have produced a door in aluminium and layered laminate. Two materials that are completely resistant to water and heat and that offer unmatched mechanical features compared to common chipboard or MDF doors.

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 19

long technical life: tested quality Valcucine has always focused on sustainable development by means of an on-going commitment that makes it possible to substantially reduce the environmental impact of its production. Our consistent and constant dedication to eco-friendly production, led us to be the rst Italian kitchen cabinet makers to obtain the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certication in 2001. Other prestigious certications followed suit. We carry out rigorous quality and material resistance tests on every element that composes our kitchens in the Valcucine Laboratory every day. To...

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 21

long aesthetic life: a design that surpasses trends Choices based on a clean-cut and linear design, on innovation and on attention to detail guarantee the long aesthetic life of Valcucine products. Few projects survive passing trends and surpass the barriers of time: the Artematica kitchen is one of these. We have been producing it for more than 25 years and it has rightly become part of the history of Italian design without having undergone substantial modications. 2013

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 23

to reduce the consumption of primary energy In its continuous endeavours to reduce the company’s impact on the environment, Valcucine has begun a project to produce its own energy. This will result in the company using 100% renewable energy. Valcucine headquarters covered with photovoltaic panels to produce clean energy Cross-section of the dematerialised door

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 26

1985: A KITCHEN REVOLUTION: THE ARTEMATIC DOOR IS BORN 1988: THE FIRST GLASS DOOR IS BORN 1994: THE 2MM RICICLA DOOR IS BORN 1996: LOGICA SYSTEM: THE VALCUCINE ERGONOMICS IS BORN Artematica is the rst door in the world to have an aluminium structural frame and a HPL nishing panel that is only 5mm thick. It has no edges that can come unstuck and no backing panel that can swell when in contact with water or steam. Valcucine produced the rst kitchen in the world made completely of aluminium and glass that respects the rules of eco-sustainable design. The “Ricicla” line of kitchens is born. It...

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Valcucine monograph 2014 - 27

More than thirty years of turning points for a design on a human scale boasting more than 50 patents 2002: AERIUS, THE 100% ALUMINIUM AND GLASS WALL UNIT 2009: THE 100% RECYCLABLE BASE UNITS 2011: NEW ERGONOMICS: NEW LOGICA SYSTEM Aerius is born, the rst 100% recyclable wall unit in the world, with a lift-up door that exploits the force of gravity and side panels that are never doubled. Aerius revolutionises the wall unit concept thanks to a new aluminium and glass carcass, a honeycombed aluminium door and LED lighting. Lengthy research into materials and into their limits of resistance...

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