Accessories 2014 - 60 Pages

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Accessories 2014

Catalog excerpts

VADO is a leading British bathroom brassware manufacturer providing high quality taps, showers, accessories and fittings to customers across the globe. every product that we offer is created and produced around our four core values quality All of our products are passed through stringent quality assurance processes to ensure that they reach the exacting standards that allow us to offer our 12 year guarantee. design Our products range from traditional mixers, shower valves and accessories to contemporary designs including waterfall style spouts, handle options in different colours and...

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Queen’s Award In recognition of our success in global markets, VADO has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. contact us sales +44 (0) 1934 745160 fax +44 (0) 1934 745161 email web

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VADO products can be found in some of the most prestigious hotel and residential developments _ondon Hilton on Park Lane, UK

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Angaga Island Resort, Maldives Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, Malaysia JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai The Chedi Hotel, Oman Media One Hotel, Dubai

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open paper holder INF-180-C/P spare paper holder INF-180S-C/P covered paper holder INF-180A-C/P double swivel robe hook INF-186-C/P shower soap holder INF-182A-C/P

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frosted glass tumbler and holder INF-183-C/P frosted glass soap dish and holder INF-182-C/P

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toilet brush and holder INF-188-C/P

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open paper holder SOH-180-C/P covered paper holder SOH-180A-C/P frosted glass soap dish and holder SOH-182-C/P frosted glass soap dispenser SOH-182A-C/P frosted glass tumbler and holder SOH-183-C/P

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single robe hook SOH-186-C/P double robe hook SOH-186A-C/P toilet brush with frosted glass holder SOH-188-C/P

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towel shelf and towel rail 600mm (24”) SOH-185A-C/P

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eclipse glass tumbler and holder ECL-183-C/P soap dish and holder ECL-182-C/P

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toilet brush and holder ECL-188-C/P

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open paper holder ATO-180-C/P covered paper holder ATO-180A-C/P single robe hook ATO-186-C/P

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atom towel ring ATO-181-C/P glass tumbler and holder ATO-183-C/P frosted glass soap dish and holder ATO-182-C/P

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toilet brush with glass holder ATO-188-C/P

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paper holder LEV-180-C/P spare paper holder LEV-180S-C/P soap dish and holder LEV-182-C/P

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level double robe hook LEV-186-C/P toilet brush and holder LEV-188-C/P frosted glass shelf 550mm (22”) LEV-185-C/P

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double towel rail 650mm (26”) LEV-184A-C/P towel shelf with robe hooks 550mm (22”) LEV-185A-C/P towel shelf with towel rail 550mm (22”) LEV-185B-C/P

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open paper holder SHA-180-C/P glass tumbler and holder SHA-183-C/P frosted glass soap dish and holder SHA-182-C/P

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shama single robe hook SHA-186-C/P glass soap dispenser LEV-182B-C/P toilet brush with glass holder SHA-188-C/P

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double towel rail 350mm (14”) SHA-184B-C/P frosted glass shelf 530mm (21”) SHA-185-C/P

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new closed paper holder SQU-180A-C/P frosted glass soap dish and holder SQU-182-C/P

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single robe hook SQU-186-C/P glass tumbler and holder SQU-183-C/P

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toilet brush with glass holder SQU-188-C/P glass soap dispenser LEV-182B-C/P frosted glass shelf 530mm (21”) SQU-185-C/P

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double robe hook LIF-186-C/P towel ring LIF-181-C/P tumbler and holder LIF-183-C/P soap dish and holder LIF-182-C/P

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life soap dispenser ELE-182B-C/P toilet brush and holder LIF-188-C/P frosted glass shelf 530mm (21”) LIF-185-C/P

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towel rail wall mounted 630mm (25”) LIF-184-C/P double towel rail wall mounted 650mm (26”) LIF-184A-C/P

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open paper holder ELE-180-C/P covered paper holder ELE-180A-C/P double toilet roll holder ELE-180D-C/P spare paper holder ELE-180S-C/P

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elements towel ring ELE-181-C/P soap dish and holder ELE-182-C/P toilet brush and holder ELE-188-C/P

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double towel rail 695mm (27”) ELE-184A-C/P frosted glass shelf 558mm (22”) ELE-185-C/P

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open paper holder TOU-180-C/P closed paper holder TOU-180A-C/P

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ceramic soap dish and holder TOU-182A-C/P ceramic tumbler and holder TOU-183A-C/P toilet brush and holder free standing TOU-188-C/P

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clear glass galley shelf 510mm (20”) TOU-185A-C/P

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removable corner basket 185 (w) x 185 (d) x 60mm (h) BAS-2000-C/P small triangular corner basket 150 (w) x 114 (d) x 36mm (h) BAS-2015S-C/P medium triangular corner basket 220 (w) x 147 (d) x 65mm (h) BAS-2015M-C/P large triangular corner basket 260 (w) x 164 (d) x 85mm (h) BAS-2015L-C/P large triangular corner basket 270 (w) x 194 (d) x 105mm (h) BAS-2012-C/P

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baskets corner basket with hook 206 (w) x 206 (d) x 90mm (h) BAS-2014-C/P small rectangular basket 135 (w) x 103 (d) x 37mm (h) BAS-2001-C/P large rectangular basket 210 (w) x 128 (d) x 37mm (h) BAS-2002-C/P medium rectangular basket 210 (w) x 128 (d) x 65mm (h) BAS-2016M-C/P large rectangular basket 300 (w) x 138 (d) x 85mm (h) BAS-2016L-C/P

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accessories 2014 large double triangular corner basket 200 (w) x 160 (d) x 206mm (h) BAS-2013-C/P large rectangular double basket 304 (w) x 140 (d) x 484mm (h) BAS-2003-C/P large double triangular corner basket with integral hook 269 (w) x 196 (d) x 368mm (h) BAS-2004-C/P

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mirrored wall cabinet with single door 520 (w) x 670 (h) x 130mm (d) CAB-SGL-MIR mirrored wall cabinet with double doors 780 (w) x 670 (h) x 130mm (d) CAB-DBL-MIR shown opposite CAB-DBL-MIR, TON-109L-C/P 51

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illuminate mirror with sensor operated light and digital clock fitted with internal demister 1000 (w) x 700 (h) x 55mm (d) MIR-ILLUM/DM-LIT m i st free shine mirror with sensor operated LED lights and digital clock fitted with internal demister 800 (w) x 600 (h) x 55mm (d) MIR-SHINE/DM-LIT shown opposite MIR-MAG/DM-LIT, GEO-109-220-C/P 53

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magnify mirror with integrated magnifying shaving mirror (3x magnification) with sensor operated light and digital clock fitted with internal demister 900 (w) x 600 (h) x 55mm (d) MIR-MAG/DM-LIT m i st free mirror with sensor operated border light light sensor on right hand side of mirror fitted with internal demister 900 (w) x 700 (h) x 55mm (d) MIR-BORDER/DM-LIT

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mirror with sensor operated light fitted with internal demister 500 x 700mm MIR-LINE/DM-LIT m i st free mirror with sensor operated light fitted with internal demister 1000 x 700mm MIR-CURVE/DM-LIT

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