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TROCAL 88 main brochure - 19 Pages

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TROCAL 88 main brochure

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The future is here. TROCAL 88.

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Always one idea ah ead: TROCAL. TROCAL was the first company to mass manufacture PVC windows over 50 years ago. Ever since then it has been driving innovations in the window industry: from technology to design. Even the most recent development sets a new benchmark. TROCAL 88 is the window of the future. It offers a unique combination of insulating properties, freedom of design and cost effectiveness. Look forward to living in the future – with TROCAL 88.

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“This is how I want to live in the future.” Relaxed, energy efficient and smart: TROCAL 88. Our lives will change in the future. New, green mobility solutions will be introduced. The digital transformation, cloud computing and smart factories will create new work processes. And we will have smart homes that are more secure and energy efficient. But our comfort in the future world will depend on more than just computer technology. TROCAL conducted detailed research into windows, as a structural component of buildings, to ascertain how they need to be modified to meet future needs. Our...

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“Modern architecture needs new approaches.” TROCAL 88 creates new living environments. Light is a key contributor to our well-being. and modern functional glazing with in-built It’s essential to our survival. The architectural soundproofing properties that satisfy the highest community has channelled this insight energy-related requirements. into light-filled and welcoming homes and workspaces with large windows. system with 88 mm installation depth. n Due to their size, these windows need ultra- designed with impressive technological features modern profiles with innovative technology that...

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“I want to know what the future holds.” Construct future-safe buildings with TROCAL 88. TROCAL 88 is a window and door system that already satisfies future requirements. In short, also built to exacting quality standards to ensure it delivers maximum future security. TROCAL it is durable and extremely easy to care for. So 88‘s energy efficiency and sound insulation you can enjoy your new windows for a long time values are already significantly better than to come. Give yourself and your family a great comparable systems. This ultra-modern window and door system is future with the perfect...

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house certified in accordance with ift directive WA-15/2. heat insulation values: Uf value = 0.5 W/(m2K) in the standard product Uw value up to 0.72 W/(m2K). n Wide range of glazing options up to 58 mm thick, from triple glazing to special functional glazing. Versions with even better insulation properties are also available, e.g. with proEnergyTec. In other words, TROCAL 88 in wood texture, plain and metallic colours or classic white. makes zero-energy and plus-energy buildings possible. Smart and simple energy savings. TROCAL standard windows are passive house compatible. Passive houses...

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“The details make the difference.” latin with insu The smaller the value the better the window’s insulating properties are: Uf value = 0.79 W/(m2K) It’s often the small details that make the biggest difference. Especially in the case of a window’s Uf value. The lower the value, the better. And the numbers behind the decimal point also count. They may only be tenths or hundredths, but they are still important. TROCAL 88 delivers impressive energy and heating cost savings. The unique proposition: TROCAL 88 achieves these savings with maximum sash and window pane dimensions because unlike...

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“TROCAL 88 is high-tech.” All these things are inside the window of the future. TROCAL 88 incorporates the latest technology based on extensive research and development activities. It has a number of groundbreaking innovative features. One is the universal modular concept. It allows you to inexpensively compile your own personal TROCAL 88 window to reflect your personal requirements and preferences, from design to insulation properties. And, thanks to smart installation methods, your window company can install TROCAL 88 windows safely and cleanly. Finally, coordinated connectors and...

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11 “I can relax when it’s quiet.” Soundproofing with TROCAL 88. Enjoy peace and quiet with TROCAL 88. The high level of soundproofing excludes annoying noises, even when the building is located on a busy street. This is achieved with a 7-chamber design and a large reinforcement chamber in the profile, innovative seal technology, soundproof glazing and professional installation. 11 “Technology has to provide me with security.” Burglary protection with TROCAL 88. Burglary figures continue to rise dramatically. TROCAL 88 has anti-burglary fittings for the effective protection of you and your...

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Optimum heat insulation. Long-term value. TROCAL standard windows are passive house com- Durable quality and eco-friendly PVCs sustainably patible. Versions with even better insulation proper- enhance your property’s value. ties are also available, e.g. with proEnergyTec. Individual design. High stability. Streamlined and linear profiles in a wide range of Optimally dimensioned steel reinforcements provide colours with plain coloured, metallic, wood texture perfect window statics. With AluClip Pro the aluminium cover performs the function of steel reinforcements. Effective soundproofing....

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5 High functional reliability. Professional installation. The maximum-dimensioned steel reinforcements guarantee high functional reliability and enable the windows to be used for window walls and wing doors of up to 2.5 m in height. The windows can be installed with steel dowel pins, classic mounting anchors or with a dowel chamber and a special patented dowel adapter. 6 Perfect multi-chamber design. Securely mounted fittings. The profile geometries are designed with optimum isothermal characteristics, calculated with the latest methods, for outstanding heat insulation and soundproofing...

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“Where can I find innova tive doors?” TROCAL 88 doors with pioneering designs. The TROCAL 88 range also includes front doors, side doors, balcony and patio doors and parallel side-and-tilt doors. It’s a one-stop opportunity to harmonise design and technology. The TROCAL 88 residential doors add a distinctive feature to your home and offers maximum burglary protection for your safety and security. Diverse surface, colour, decorative and functional glazing options, door panels and additional features ensure that future guests will always feel welcome when they walk through a TROCAL 88 door.

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