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Displacement piles

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during constru Wbentonrte support Drilling *rtnoUtD If soil removal has to be minimized during foundation works, displacement piles can be the solution. Trevi has fine-tuned a technology combining the absence of debris typical of driven piles, with the speed and low cost of continuous flight auger piles. Thanks to powerful drilling rigs and suitable tools, the Discrepile technology allows to drill foundation or consolidation piles in suitable soils, also in the presence of aquifer, thus significantly reducing the problems and costs associated with the disposal of cuttings, as it is the case...

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Technology and working sequence The Discrepile technology working sequence encompasses the following steps: • driving by a combination of rotary and crowd forces of the tool connected to the rotary head via a drill string • tool withdrawal and simultaneous concreting up to the ground level, seamlessly, through the hollow centre • installation of the reinforcement cage through fresh To ensure the fast positioning of the cage into fresh concrete, the latter should have the following features: aggregates with a diameter of max 18 mm and S5 or SCO slump classes shall be used. When using S5...

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Main fields of application and advantages The Discrepile technology is increasingly used for foundation works for example polluted sites where it is advisable not to produce debris. Moreover, the request for sustainable and low environmental impact technologies in urbanized environments or reserve areas, with no vibrations, percussions or impulses, make the Discrepile technology preferable to other techniques in which material removal is not allowed (driven piles, vibrated piles). In terms of bearing capacity, DISCREPILES are similar to driven piles. In granular soils, they cause a build-up...

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Technological research allowed to implement different types of tools specially designed to improve the final bearing capacity of the pile, considering the soil geological Today, three types of Discrepiles are identified: • CDSP (Cylindric Displacement Pile), built by means of a spindle-like or elbow-like tool, preferably in non- cohesive and granular soils; • SDSP (Screw Displacement Pile), constructed by driving a screw-type tool which can screw/unscrew into the soil. In this way, an irregular lateral surface is created and the pile bearing capacity is improved; • TCT (Traction Compacting...

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For the construction of Discrepiles, the jobsite has to include a drilling rig, a small-sized tracked hydraulic pump, a backhoe excavator for debris handling and an auxiliary crane for cage positioning, if needed. For this technology, Trevi has adopted high power self- elevating crawler-mounted hydraulic drilling rigs with high torque and crowd values.

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World leader in ground engineering, Trevi has been working for more than 50 years throughout the world, strengthening its ability to provide solutions to any ground engineering issues. Trevi works in the field of special foundation, soil consolidation, dam remedial works, tunnel construction and consolidation, marine works, rehabilitation and cleanup of contaminated sites and construction of underground automatic multi-storey car parks. Trevi is committed to continuous innovation and search for solutions to complex problems of civil engineering worldwide. Experimenting cutting-edge...

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