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The Group Over the last 50 years foundation engineering at worldwide level has had one main leader: TREVI Group. A group of companies that managed to combine continuous studies, innovation, rich exprience and an endless research for quality with a wise entrepreneurial tradition in a winning balance. BBBBBBBH It satisfied the multi-faceted requirements of the foundation field, never failing to show a positive approach to the variety of cultures encountered. In this way, TREVI Group has been able to develop innovative global technologies, thanks to a practical and concrete analysis performed...

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Fields of Activity Deep Foundations The term "Deep foundation" means the construction of reinforced concrete elements driven into the soil and generally used to support loads and pressure that superficial soils are not capable to bear. Trevi's most important specialisation in this field are: Bored Piles with static mud or by reverse circulation Continuous Flight Augered Piles (CFA) Cased Augered Piles (CAP) Cast in situ Driven Piles Pre-Fab Driven Piles Reinforced Concrete Diaphragm Walls Waterproofing Diaphragm Walls Continuous Diaphragm Walls (CDW) EXPERIENCE AND QUALITY IN THE FOUNDATION...

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Management linked to the Trevipark system development the aim of managing Public or Private Car Parks. new or existing Car Parks Service system and remote control and private parking investments

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Recovery of polluted areas One of the new main intervention fields is the protection of the natural heritage. Over the last years, the TREVI Group workers also in this direction, devoting itself to the study, research and application in the environmental field. Examples of dramatic current events draw more and more attention to the problem of urban and industrial wastes, that is, the main cause for the pollution affecting watercourses and water layers. The primary target is to isolate them from any possible polluting source. This commitment has become the study and applied research object...

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