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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 2

Tradewinds is a craft workshop where my fellow craftsmen and myself create, produce and distribute authentic products for outdoor and garden. The art of outdoor living is our main concern. We reshape widely used and distributed products, to restore their authentic purpose, and make them lasting, user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. We are positive nostalgics, persistently seeking for the perfect blend between authentic craftsmanship and new technology to achieve unique objects. By controlling every stage of the process, from design to delivery, we are able to guarantee a constant...

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 7

Cascade is a mobile outdoor shower for terraces and gardens made out of hot galvanised steel. The acacia wood base planks are comfortable and friendly to bare feet. A discreet tap on the vertical tube regulates the shower’s pressure and the overhead horizontal tube provides a sheer waterfall curtain of water. Cascade is easy to connect to a garden hose with a quick connector. Two small nylon gliders are hidden at the back of the frame to move the shower easily. This minimal design is 100% sun and rustproof and will provide years of maintenance-free satisfaction. Less is more.

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 10

Moon Soon is Tradewinds first designed storm lamp. Made out of waterproof and sun proof materials, Moon Soon is happy outdoors whatever the weather. The energy-saving CFL bulb runs off a 12Volt battery, whose weight adds sufficient stability to withstand even very strong winds. The rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of intense light autonomy comparable to a 40Watt incandescent bulb. This will allow four people around the lamp to read and write in complete darkness. Recharging is performed with a classic battery charger delivered with the set. So, whether you’re in the garden or terrace,...

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 11

Moon Soon / Console We also developed a docking station for the Moon Soon. This weatherproof console made out of stainless steel is to be fixed on the outside wall where you want your Moon Soon lamp to stay or light up. This console is also designed to be connected to the battery charger that is delivered with the Moon Soon. While hanging, your Moon Soon will also be recharged or be kept charged.

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 15

Chest’r is a roomy, elegant chest made out of wood and canvas, capable of seating up to five adults. The top and base are made out of weatherproof Thermowood pine and have been dipped in a protective oil to prevent damage from rain and snow. The frame is built out of fibreglass tubing that forms a very lightweight, very robust and maintenance free structure. The acrylic canvas side panels are available in different standard colours or 50 other special colours, choice enough to suit all tastes! The acrylic canvas is both fade resistant and waterproof. This combination of materials makes the...

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 18

Claro! Claro! is Tradewinds other cordless storm lamp. Like Moon Soon it is made out of waterproof and sun proof Plexiglass and aluminium. This lantern was designed with a big round shade in frosted acrylic to avoid being dazzled while reading and writing in the darkest nights outdoor. The energy-saving CFL bulb runs off a 12Volt battery, whose weight adds sufficient stability to withstand even very strong winds. The rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of intense light autonomy comparable to a 40 watt incandescent bulb. Recharging is performed with a classic battery charger delivered with...

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 23

SHELT^R is a canvas tent which can be easily mounted on any type of soil without ropes and stakes. It has the shape of a simple, square house like children would be drawing. An iconic shape A very basic but iconic design indeed. The frame is made of bent steel plates that are galvaniszed after having been assembled and welded. The steel tubes that unite both frames are also galvaniszed. The frame is covered by weatherproof fabric that comes in a wide variety of colours. This fabric has a guarantee of 10 years. The fabric is firmly stretched over the frame and fastened with 3 straps with...

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 27

UITLEG EXTRA DEUREN Cult is an elevated planter designed to help you grow your own vegetables and herbs with pride and without the need of a vast garden.Cult holds soil up to 40 cm deep and is lifted up to 70 cm high. This makes gardening pleasant and easy accessible whilst avoiding lower back pain. Cult is placed on your terrace, near the kitchen or in the garden. Constructed out of 3mm thick hot galvanised steel plate and Paduk wooden boards, it’s maintenance free and weather resistant for decades. Capacity: 400 liters.

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 30

J.ack-of-all-trades ! This two-wheeled trolley is made out of hickory wood and aluminium for maximum manoeuvrability and lightness. A felt skirt on front and back retains small loads without damaging them. It can withstand over 100kg and is designed to make lightweight of heavy household chores.Shopping, firewood, beverages and luggage. An adjustable heavy-duty Sandow strap ensures that all your loads are well anchored. The care taken with the finishings make this handyman equally pleasing to the eye.

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 35

Stool*** is a multi-purpose seat. Designed with a built-in 40-litre isotherm container, it also keeps your food and drinks hot or cold. Made out of brushed aluminium and marine multiplex, it can be used in the harshest outdoor conditions, cheerfully weathering water and sun. Tested to withstand temperatures ranging from –40 to +120°C, the chest is made with cuttingedge high-insulation closed cell EPP foam. Extremely sturdy, it can also serve as a small seat, footstool or low table.

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Tradewinds 2017/18 - 39

Wagoon is a young boy’s dream come true. It is a blend of favourite toys, racing cars, trains and go-karts. But Wagoon is in fact a very practical, multipurpose outdoor cart, rolling on sturdy 12-inch wheels. This trolley is very light but strong enough to carry weights of 150kg. The sides are made from a light composite material with aluminium, the base is marine plywood and all the axels are fibreglass. 100% weatherproof materials. Wagoon can transport your goods with ease, making every trip a pleasurable experience. Its combination of style and functionality also earns the Wagoon a place...

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