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FANTASY The art of the heat The white strikes us like a great silence that it seems absolute to us but it is only a process that precedes the inspiration and the start of creativity. From this concept, Tonon Evolution takes inspiration and proposes the new 2021 texture collection for the Pierrot Fantasy radiator. The radiator that frees your creativity! The philosophy of this project is to create tailor-made radiator, personal and emotional products, where warmth is always the primary element. The radiator that becomes a unique work of art that you can also customize with images of which...

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Pierrot Fantasy Inglese - 4

The new Pierrot Fantasy collection is inspired by a synthetic and at the same time volumetric, dynamic, colorful style, the exploration towards the new. A current of refined art and lover of decoration, a flourishing expression that finds wide space in the decorative arts, managing to give a new impetus to design radiators which become functional furnishing objects. The decorations chosen by Tonon Evolution are inspired by the contemporary world that surrounds us: metaphysical architectures, minimalist geometries with an exotic taste for detailed and elegance; guided by nature and colors,...

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Pierrot Fantasy Inglese - 16

Our target: freedom to your creativity. Tonon Evolution allows you to customize your Pierrot Fantasy radiator with your decorations. With this opportunity you can adapt decorations to your rooms, according to your taste. Photographs, textures, paintings, writings or materials can be reproduced on the Pierrot Fantasy's cover and if over time, you want to renew it, it will be simple to replace the cover with a new masterpiece. The images of the customization must be provided in 300DPI to fit the size of the cover. The cover is available in two sizes: Height 1820 x width 515 mm Height 1820 x...

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Pierrot Fantasy Inglese - 19

Art direction: Arianna Giuseppin Graphic Design: s"----Biro/Cristian Macchitella

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Pierrot Fantasy Inglese - 20

FANTASY TONON EVOLUTION HEAT CONCEPT Tonon Evolution S.r.l. Via Padova, 2 - 31046 Oderzo Zona industriale (TV) - Italy ph. +39 0422 20.91.11 r.a. fax. +39 0422 20.91.02 tonon@tonon.it

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