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822 Design Claesson Koivisto RuneSE The forms emulate Josef Hoffmann’s 1930 design of the modernist model 811. In its proportions, the 822 collection works more with the natural forms of manual bentwood technology; it tempers some parts of the structure, but conversely, the graphic use of circular h oles visually empowers the seat and backrest. These holes connect the colour finish with the interior the chair inhabits, or with the clothing of the person seated on it, and they impart a specific, timeless character to this comprehensive product family. Wood The 822 collection combines the use of shaped plywood and manually bent solid wood. This specific technology only uses beechwood, which is naturally pale in colour and has a very soft texture. The products are made from wood certified by PEFC, a system focusing on responsible approaches to forest ecosystems and aiming to expand them. Colours and surface treatments Natural products can be finished with oil or lacquer to highlight the beechwood’s natural characteristics. Stains and pigment colours give the product a specific character and enable an interaction with the interior and the colours or styles worn by the person using it at any given tim

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Claesson Koivisto RuneSE PRODUCT NUMBER Type lounge chair * lounge armchair * Seat option Back option Armrest option Leg connection option TECHNICAL INFORMATION Volume (m�/pc) Carton dimensions (cm) Bicolour Stackability Embossed seat/backrest * available from

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