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ThermoSpas World Headquartersare located in Wallingford, CT. The industrys finest research and development engineers along with state of art manufacturing technology, and a highly skilled work force has helped us to create the worldҒs best built hot tubs. > ThermoSpas water tests every single hot tub in hot water not once but twice. Each must score 100 percent on an extensive check list before it is passed to the next inspection stage. > A third ThermoSpas team inspects the finished hot tub again before it is dried, polished, detailed, packed and labeled for delivery. Our goal is to deliver...

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Relaxation > There is no disputing how relaxing it is to spend time in a hot tub. To enhance this experience, ThermoSpas has designed seating areas with lumbar contour supports, soft pillows, wrap around arm- rests, and an array of strategically placed water jets. Combining this comfort with the warm, bubbling water of our unique bubbling system; makes ThermoSpas the perfect place to unwind. Reconnect with Your Family > ThermoSpas encourages families to choose one night every week as Family Night.Ӕ Its not only a perfect time for fun, but it also encourages families to slow down, talk, and...

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A phrase coined by ThermoSpas denotes our dedication to designing hot tubs specifically for those who need it most. Our Healing Spa was the first and only hot tub to receive the Ease of UseӔ Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. It was later selected by the American Physical Therapy Association to be used to conduct a study on the benefits of warm water therapy. > Whether youve played a few sets of tennis or around of golf, a ThermoSpas hot tub is the one home appliance that youҒll find a reason to use practically every single day! A ThermoSpas hot tub with Total Control Therapy...

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At ThermoSpas, we not only makeavailable a wide assortment of colors, but we specify Continuous Cast Acrylic (CCA) on each and every hot tub we build. CCA gives a spas outer skin an elegant look, and provides a durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean surface that wonҒt fade, chip, or crack. Some manufacturers save money by using a plastic porous surface that will easily stain and is difficult to clean. Plastic can also fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.ThermoSpas hot tub shells maintain a vibrant shine from the day theyre delivered to after a decade of use. The understructure to...

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ThermoBoard is a synthetic material that has beenmeticulously engineered to emulate the natural variations in color and strength of the rarest hard- woods, along with the finish of rich, fine furniture. But unlike fine furniture, it is impervious to the weather! Youll never have to protect it from the rain ҅ shield it from the sun you will hardly lift a finger to keep it looking beautiful! Additionally, ThermoBoard does not contribute to the depletion of our worldŒs forests. > To clean simply spray witha garden hose. Your favorite view remainsyour favorite view. ThermoBoard is not only...

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A polyethylene barrier, with a high insulation efficiency rating, is wrapped around the entire perimeter of the cabinets interior frame.Specially designed high-density, 1.5Ҕ thick, insula-tion panels are foiled on both sides to reflect valuable heat in and unwanted cold air out.The industrys thickest exterior panels are not only attractive but provide additional insulating value to the spaҒs efficiency rating. Traditional spas that use full foam unfortunately must vent out the heat generated by the spas engine. The air required to feed the jets during operation comes from outside the spas...

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Steel Support A 14 gauge galva- nized steel support provides added strength. Perimeter Apron Is not only longer than others itҒs also insulated. > Marine Grade Vinyl Available in a variety of colors and is UV and mildew resistant. Padded Handles Up to 8 versus only 2 on most competitors. Tapered Foam Core Keeps rain and snow off of your cover. Dual Stitching Adds beauty, longevity, and strength to vinyl exterior. Locking Straps > Help prevent intruders and restrict wind damage. > Antaeus > ҙ Protection A proprietary vacuum sealing system resists water vapor to the foam core and is the key...

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A Bubbling System thats been engineered to perfection. Our unique Blower Regulator Valve. >

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Patented Throttle Control Valve Patented Pillow Jets > A stream of water from a soft, luxuriouspillow soothes neck and shoulder tension. An independent valve allows you to control the intensity. The result? A perfect neck massage every time! Imagine enjoying your ThermoSpas with friends. While youre experiencing a power- ful, invigorating massage, one of your friends can be enjoying a mild massage; and the other can quietly relax in still, tranquil water. At the touch of a button > you can pause the action to concentrate on where you need your massage the most. This ability to independently...

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Excess Ozone is eliminated in the Charcoal/Carbon Canister, convert- ing it to oxygen. Ozone is safely mixed with the spas water and Ozonated water is sent back to the spa. > Ozone is created and sent to the MDV. (Mixing Degas Vessel). CharcoalCarbonCanister MDV ThermOzone > Water fromthe spa is pumped to the MDV. > Compare Our FiltrationStandard SystemsThermoFiltration Compare our OzonatorStandardThermOzone > Filters 100% of water16x per/day144x per/dayPump Capacity 4 gallons per/min40 gallons per/minPump Size6ҔL x 3D13ԔL x 8D Pump Weight2 lbs.17 lbs. Plumbing diameter3/4Ԕ 11/2 Jet nozzle...

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Since 1983 ThermoSpas has been delivering and servic-ing hot tubs direct to the consumer. Every member of our staff is trained to know everything about our hottubs. Not about lawn mowers, barbeques, hammocks, and Christmas trees; exclusively our hot tubs.Before we deliver your hot tub, we give your home andgrounds a free Site Inspection. This not only helps determine the best spot for your hot tub, but helps answer all the questions on what will occur and avoid any technical snags.All over the country ThermoSpas has local deliveryteams. Theyre not just technical pros; theyҒre also your...

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