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Vibrasto “evolution

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Texaa acoustic material Vibrasto “evolution

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SUMMARY Vibrasto “evolution / p. 1 an architectural material / p. 3 a sensitive skin / p. 4 a coherent system / p. 9 a philosophy / p. 16 technical characteristics / p. 18 Vibrasto used in its original version, stretched and glued across the walls of the commission rooms at the Palace of Europe, Strasbourg, architect Henry Bernard, 1977. These were the first ‘acoustic hangings’ ever produced by Texaa®, offering acoustic solutions on a large scale and full of future promise … Some forty years ago, Texaa® designed an acoustic material which could be ‘stretched and glued’ over walls and...

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1. Aeria fabric 2. opaque wadding 3. layer of air 4. sound absorber --Once knitted, Aeria is sized with a dirt repellent coating which makes it very durable and easy to clean. Just like the human skin, Texaa®’s Vibrasto is a composite material made up of three successive layers, with each playing their own specific role. - The epidermis, or outer layer, is formed by our sound transparent fabric Aeria*, so easy on the eye and available in a range of vibrant colours. - The dermis, or middle layer, is a thin layer of 3 mm wadding ensuring that the Aeria is totally opaque and therefore capable...

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The textile envelope used to clad the Vibrasto is made from Aeria, a fabric with an exclusive Texaa® patent knitted in our workshops in Gradignan, near Bordeaux. Two types of knit are available, and the feel of the fabric changes with each. The ‘round’ knit (MR) version is at once warm and discreet, while the new ‘Grain de Riz’ knit (MGR) is somewhat bolder, making its presence more clearly felt, even from a distance. Aeria is also synonymous with colour, to be chosen and worked with as such, in harmony with a wide range of situations. Colour greatly influences our sense of space, giving...

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Vibrasto ”evolution is available in a range of 22 colours for Aeria in ‘round’ knit (MR), and in three colours for Aeria in ‘Grain de Riz’ knit (MGR). Colours may be personalised on request. Corail MR600

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Texaa®’s Vibrasto provides acoustic performances of the highest level, to meet the most demanding specifications. It also offers a simple and particularly efficient solution for implementing made-to-measure sound absorbing surfaces in a variety of situations, whatever the constraints. It is fitted using simple L-shaped or T-shaped battens, making it possible to cover large areas while guaranteeing a perfect finish. It is also possible to request the design of complex and colourful geometric layouts, or to clad curved surfaces and underscore relief by cladding facetted shapes. And all for a...

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Vibrasto cladding a wall, using different colours in geometric arrangement. _above: town council meeting hall, Bormes-les-Mimoses (with Stereo panels by Texaa® suspended from the ceiling). arch. Jean-Paul Mathieu / photo: Serge Demailly. --_page opposite: entrance hall of Snecma Comité d’établissement, in Villaroche. arch. Isabelle Genyk / photo: Herbé Abbadie.

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above: Vibrasto 55 mm framed in oak, bringing the noble wood into meaningful harmony with the warm fabric, while also providing acoustic perfection thanks to almost 100% sound absorption. right: Vibrasto 55 mm cladding a ceiling, private home, Bordeaux 2017.

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above: Texaa® stand at the 100% Design trade fair, London 2016. Detail showing how Vibrasto is fitted to a facetted surface. design: Guillaume Martin and Michaël Damen. --left: 1500 m2 of Vibrasto in a complex, seemingly random layout, fitted by Delhoume, Kinémax projection hall, Futuroscope, Poitiers, 2016, arch. atelier David Joulin / photo: Thierry Seldubuisson.

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a philosophy Visual and acoustic comfort are specified as part of objective 2 of the French HQE 2016 standard (pleasant, practical and comfortable living spaces) which aims to improve the comfort and well-being of all those who live or work in a given building. Fitted amply across walls and ceilings or as a simple panel (of greater thickness), Vibrasto "evolution by Texaa® absorbs sound waves and lowers reverberation time, making sounds, be they words or music, much easier to comprehend. Colour speaks volumes about the atmosphere of a period. Just remember the furore concerning the...

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Technical characteristics Vibrasto 15 and 30 mm may be used to clad both convex and concave curves, with a minimum radius of 1.2 m --opposite, right Joins Centre-to-centre distance: 1,500 mm Pencil-line joints are produced at the joins between adjacent lengths. The overhanging edges of the Vibrasto fabric are inserted into U-section battens running the length of the join. 
 convex surface concave surface outside angle internal angle fitting around openings fitting along edges joins between adjacent lengths Angles Pencil line joins are used for inside angles. Outside angles are fitted using...

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Vibrasto ”evolution by Texaa® provides a comprehensive system for solving acoustic problems in echoing spaces, for use on walls and ceilings. It comprises a highly flame resistant envelope made of sound transparent Aeria fabric laminated onto wadding and fitted in front of RI panels (30 and 55 mm) or AF2 acoustic absorbent felt (15 mm). Dimensions Width: 1,500 mm / Thickness: 15, 30 or 55 mm. Absorption coefficients aw fitted over concrete Vibrasto 15: 0.35 (H) / Vibrasto 30: 0.50 (MH) / Vibrasto 55: 0.95 Reaction to fire classification Vibrasto 15 – covering: class A (USA) / equivalent...

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Texaa® is an independent company employing a team of 55 staff members. Constant exchange with architects and professionals in the building industry inspire the products we develop, manufacture and distribute, designed to enhance the acoustic comfort of the spaces in which we live and work. At once technically sophisticated, hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing, Texaa® products are characterised by the textile in which they are clad - Aeria* knitted in our workshops near Bordeaux and available in a palette of 22 colours. Since the company first started out in 1978, it has been our pride...

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