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new collections Abacus Oscar Moirp I V I I I LA LUCE PENSATA

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new collections 2019 - 2

Precious Design Terzani’s Precious Design Concept is luxury evolved. Each piece in this new lighting collection breaks the staid boundaries of traditional luxury, and incorporates stunningly modern design, cutting-edge technology, artisan craftsmanship and precious materials. The result are sculptures of light whose illumination transforms spaces through dynamic lighting and shadow effects. They create a new visual language of what luxury is, one that reflects both today’s aesthetics, architecture and design traditions yet also pushes towards the future

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new collections 2019 - 3

About us Terzani continues to redefine the way luxury lighting is designed and produced. Through experimentation with new production methods and forward-thinking ideas, it has become known for designs that use sculpture, light, shadow and motion to reshape spaces. These handmade products sit at the intersection of art, luxury and design. Respecting Terzani’s artisan tradition, each “lighting sculpture” continues to incorporate traditional methods of processing glass and metal, along with giving individual attention to the every detail. These designs are brought forth through the dialogue...

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new collections 2019 - 5

Abacus, multiplying luminescence. design Draw Used for centuries as the tool to both teach and communicate mathematics, the abacus was found in one form or another across the ancient world. At Terzani, we saw the beauty in the abacus’ mathematical purity and clean, functional design. In the hands of Terzani’s craftsmen, we’ve turned this inspiration into a new collection of modular pendant lamps whose flexibility allows for complex and beautiful configurations. Each module, or strand, of Abacus contains a custom set of round, hand-blown opal glass which emit a soft and uniform light. And,...

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new collections 2019 - 10

Oscar, a tribute. design Dodo Arslan The great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer once said about his work: “It’s not the right angle that attracts me, nor the straight line. Stiff, inflexible, created by men. What really attracts me is the free, sensual curve. The curve I see on the sinuous course of our rivers, on the clouds in the sky, on your favorite woman’s body. The universe is entirely made of curves”. Inspired to pay tribute to one of the founders of modern architecture, designer Dodo Arslan has created a series of lights named “Oscar”, which pay homage through their adoption of...

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new collections 2019 - 14

Moire, movement with pattern. design Christian Lava A French term derived from silk with a rippled or “watered” appearance, moire is an optical effect that results in the illusion of waves or the movement of water. This effect is achieved by having an opaque, ruled pattern overlaid over another. Designer Christian Lava’s studies of this effect have led to his latest design aptly titled, Moire. Using overlapping grids of plastic, this LED pendant light dynamically changes shape following the viewer’s gaze, practically coming to life with a vibrating energy. Available in multiple...

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new collections 2019 - 17

Pug, multum in parvo. design Jean Frangois Crochet Pugs are a dog described as “much in little”, referring to the greatness of their personalities despite their diminutive size. Inspired by the Pug’s charm, designer Jean-Frangois Crochet created the Pug pendant light whose protruding spherical lights are reminiscent of a pug’s face. As with the breed, the Pug pendant packs significant charm and beauty into a small package. Illuminated by LED light, these glass pendants are framed by two brass bands. With Pug, it’s easy to bring a new best friend (or pack of friends) into a home.

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new collections 2019 - 20

Gaia, earth mother. design Jean Frangois Crochet In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth and the mother of all life.Looking to capture the mythical and natural beauty of this Earth goddess, designer Jean-Frangois Crochet has created the Gaia pendant light. Consisting of geometric frames of brass or steel reminiscent of the mountains Gaia created, the pendant uses led light to push light through the “cracks” formed. The resulting light creates a magical feeling, as if the lights peaking through were alive themselves. Available to custom configurations, Gaia adds a...

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new collections 2019 - 22

All products in the Terzani collections are inspired by a return to nobel artisan traditions. Every object is carefully created using craft techniques and for this reason certain details may vary from product to product. These variations are not imperfections but characteristic peculiarities of the production process. Terzani reserves the right to modify its products in order to improve its features. Product reproduction on paper may result in a misrepresentation of some colors. For updated technical data please refer to our current price list or our website. For updates on etl ■®- please...

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