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Flower towers – inspiration’s compilation - 21 Pages

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Flower towers – inspiration’s compilation

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Flower towers inspiration’s compilation

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get inspired flower towers INSPIRATION’S COMPILATION

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More than an... ENTRANCE More than a... PARK More than a... FOUNTAIN More than a... STREET More than a... MONUMENT More than a... PAVEMENT More than a... ROUNDABOUT FLOWER TOWERS- CASCADE CONSTRUCTIONS GET INSPIRED. How to accentuate a fountain? How to emphasise the charm of a square in the heart of the city? Is there a way to adorn the pavement with flowers? Use this guide to find all the answers and further information. This is the knowledge base on bringing nature into common space and also the proof that each place has the potential worth to bring out - it is more than it may seem...

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MORE THAN A... TOWN SQUARE Choose quality! Only decorations an obstacle to the nature! In such Cascades improve every grey place. If you’re af raid that they could re- problematic places put the Flower dip galvanised steel are resistant strict visibility, choose the smaller Towers and enjoy greenery in the to extreme weather conditions and city centre. mechanical damage. 7 |  TOWN SQUARE  |  MODEL: W600/3

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MORE THAN AN... ENTRANCE Use floral decorations and make a Decorations of the same size create great f irst impression – let the en- a harmonic and aesthetic design. the grey space at the same time. trance of building welcome your Using flowers in the same colours as the colours in the background is also a good idea.

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D I D YO U K N OW. . .? Park is a particularly good place for other plants in order to create an create a colourful decoration? You aesthetic contrast. can do both thanks to Flower Towers. Put the Flower Towers nearby the planting more than one s

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Standing individually in the corners, Water is a natural element in the hot-dip galvanised steel so they are heart of the city full of concrete and various decorative Flower Towers greyness. Add some flowers and arrangements allow to accentuate thanks to our constructions create values of each fountain. the best surroundings for an urban fountain.

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MORE THAN A... STREET D I D YO U K N OW. . .? The closest surroundings of streets and pedestrians – choose the small- and its surroundings more aesthet- Flower Towers are designed for such ic. You can move them whenever Cascades set in a row make a street you want to. It’s the way to enjoy the view of beautiful flowers, even in the place full of exhaust fumes. Don’t reduce the visibility of drivers

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MORE THAN A... MONUMENT to the size of a monument. If you’ve tion guarantees the best grow con- monument gives emphasis to its got any doubts, order a f ree visual- ditions for plants. You can be sure importance. There’s no place for isation prepared by our landscape that the Flower Towers are suitable random decorations! Use the Flower Towers to embrace the most signif i- cant statues with plants. Choose a decoration corresponding

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Safety f irst! Hang W600 decorations You can decorate wider sidewalks to decorate. However, even these on lamps near the pavement but with bigger models. A row of the narrow and crowded spaces can without causing problems to pedes- Flower Towers provides flowers to impress with floral decorations. To the places where there is no nature. fulf il them with flowers, use proper models of the Flower Towers that won’t hinder the movement of pedestrians but will isolate them f rom the busy street. Pavements may seem to be diff icult

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MORE THAN A... ROUNDABOUT D I D YO U K N OW. . .? Choose the smaller models to dec- A roundabout gives a wide range plant care, decide on less demand- duce the visibility and they are as around the circle or create your own composition. Nonetheless, it will look outstanding f rom a bird’s eye view! To avoid problems with the f requent

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