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WORLD LEADER Techno Metal Post helical piles are engineered and guaranteed. COTTAGES techno Metal THE IDEAL FOUNDATION SOLUTION FOR YOUR COTTAGE OR CABIN LOAD BEARING CAPACITY UP TO 50625 LBS (225 kN) » Ready to build on immediately » No excavation » No concrete required » Removable » Minimal environmental impact » Low footprint on jobsite OUR SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT ALLOWS FOR A QUICK INSTALLATION IN MOST CONDITIONS.

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VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO FIND YOUR LOCAL DEALER AND GET A FREE QUOTE WWW.TECHNOMETALPOST.COM OTHER APPLICATIONS » Decks » Solar panels » Foundation stabilization » House raising Our engineering team can design and certify a foundation that is compliant with the codes and regulations of your area. Techno Metal Posts are a guaranteed solution that will stand the test of time. There are no worries with slopes and difficult access. Our posts are designed and engineered to the highest standards and tested to insure they withstand the toughest loads and conditions possible.

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