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PRODUCTS 2021 - 1

Standard controllers x2 | Controllers x2 | Visualization x2 | Energy management Extension modules Sensors & Accessoires Fresh water stations

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 2

Dear Customers, Dear Partners! Sales +43 (0)2862 53635-840 Support When we sent out the 2020 catalogue to our customers, we couldn't have imagined what the rest of the year had in store. In retrospect, we all learned a lot, established new ways of working and broke new ground. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their loyalty, as 2020 was in fact our company's most successful year in business. The highlights from this catalogue are summarised for you on pages 4 and 5. Besides the successor to the RSM610, one of the most significant highlights...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 4

The third generation of our fresh water station FRISTAR With the new regulation algorithm for the high-efficiency pump and the valve, we've achieved massive improvements in speed and precision, even when draw-off rates change drastically and quickly. Unwanted malcirculations are also history. FRISTAR3 Like its predecessor, this freshwater station comes in two configurations, whereas the FRISTAR3WP is meant for systems with low flow or cylinder temperatures. And more good news: The prices of both variations haven’t changed compared to the predecessors. More about the FRISTAR3 on page 39. The...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 5

NEW New features for ATON and EHS/EHS-R Among the most requested features for our ATON set was the possibility of bidirectional communication via cable, like the radio system already offered. This necessitated changes to the hardware, which we already have been shipping since January 2021. Another innovation is that immersion heaters will be Teflon coated from mid-2021 on. This allows installation in enameled DHW cylinders. CORA: Radio, cable or both Our communication protocol CORA was first used for the ATON’s radio control. Back then already, the initial concept of CORA was for universal...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 6

Find the controller that best suits your project Standard controllers Regulation of entire building’s technologies » Solar systems, charging pumps » With over 40 different function modules, a cont- » Heating of swimming pools rolling strategy, fully customized to suit individual systems’ needs, can be created. » Programming is created via PC, using the program » over 800 programs to choose from, featuring: » Typical applications: heating circuit control, differential controlling, ther- » Heating and cooling circuits, enabling and modu- mostats and speed regulation lation of heat generators...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 7

Single circuit solar controller Charging pump controller The ANS21 or ANS21-L unit is a solar controller which has been kept deliberately simple when it comes to installation and operation. Both, the collector and the tank temperature, are indicated using light bars. » Adjustable differential temperature » Overtemperature protection for the tank or minimum threshold for boiler » Separate display for generator and tank temperature » Collector overtemperature switch-off » Sensor short circuit and open circuit detection » Switching between solar and load pump function is possible regardless of...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 8

Simple solar controller ESR with graphical display The ESR21 or ESR31 unit is a multi-purpose differential controller. The graphical display of ESR31 simplifies program selection and shows the position of the sensors in the hydraulic diagram. Additional information can be read in via the DL bus. Thus, in parallel to the controller operation (solar system) it is also possible to calculate the yield (thermal energy). The range of use extends from the single circuit solar system through to sanitary water treatment by way of pump speed control. » 17 different programs can be set » Clear display...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 9

UVR67 Universal controller UVR67-H / UVR67-HU Universal heating controller UVR67-GT Universal heating controller for drying of buildings Universal controller with more than 800 adjustable programs. Datalogging and function data transfer options using SD card or CAN bus. UVR67 The UVR67 universal controller features various thermostatic, differential temperature, speed control and heating circuit control functions for use in solar thermal and heating systems, as well as building drying. The required control function is called up by entering the relevant program number. » Intuitive operation...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 10

x2 series | freely programmable controllers UVR16x2 UVR16x2K / UVR16x2S Freely programmable universal controller The UVR16x2 device provides numerous control options for heating and building management through more than 40 different function modules that can be combined as required . Linking up to 128 functions leaves the programmer with virtually no limits. A 4.3“ touch display serves as user interface. A graphical overview of the import- UVR16x2K with console for wall mounting ant control parameters (e.g. heating times, hot water target temperature etc.) can be defined for convenient...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 11

PT1000, KTY(1kΩ, 2kΩ), PT100, PT500, Ni1000TK5000, Ni1000, NTC, room sensor, radiation sensor, humidity sensor, rain sensor Max. pulse 10 Hz Voltage up to 3,3V Resistance 1-100kΩ, digital 5 Multi-function outputs optionally 0-10V, PWM, relay (with HIREL-230V, HIREL-PF or HIREL22 relay module) 24 V output (e.g. for actuators) CORA-DL for communication with CORA devices DL bus: for connection of external DL sensors CAN bus: for communication with CAN bus devices SD card (UVR16x2E-NP: micro-SD Card) UVR16x2 DC UVR16x2K-DC / UVR16x2S-DC Instead of the 24 V output, there is an input here for a...

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PRODUCTS 2021 - 12

Controller with externalized operating unit The control unit sits on a top-hat rail in the control panel, for straightforward and professional installation. Operation is convenient using the operating unit built into the control panel door. As usual, the operating unit can display a system visualisation on the 4.3" touch display. UVR16x2S-DE Power unit with control unit Like UVR16x2K, but board version with separate control unit for switch cabinet installation. Operating system, operation, function data and data transfer via SD card are also compatible with UVR16x2. Power unit UVR16x2E-DE...

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