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HEALTHY SLEEP it´s a tree story.

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Sleep Book - 3

WE LOVE WOOD. Georg Emprechtinger, Owner and Manager of TEAM 7 The starting point for sensible use of resources is a sustainably managed forest, which regrows continuously under the power of the sun. With the greatest care and attention to detail, we work the fine, European hardwood into unique pieces of furniture that share with you our love for wood in every little detail. Sustainability, responsibility and commitment to creating value in harmony with humans and nature shape the way we think and act at TEAM 7.

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Sleep Book - 4

Grown for you. Because we grow our own 74 hectares of forest we understand the great value of wood and how important it is for sustainability. That’s why we make all our furniture from deciduous trees that have been growing for decades in sustainable forestry. Finished exclusively with pure, natural oil, the wood surfaces of our furniture promote a naturally healthy and comfortable climate in your home. They are very easy to care for – and to restore, if necessary. This means TEAM 7 furniture retain their original and beautiful character for many decades

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Sleep Book - 5

Designed for you. Your restful sleep is our goal. To make sure you get a comfortable and healthy night‘s sleep, we go beyond conventional standards and work on holistic solutions. Our bed joints are completely metal-free and our sleeping system is made of natural materials.

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Sleep Book - 6

First the design and then the interior: our consultants plan according to your ideas and spatial possibilities. The model, size, wood type and colours are first planned to fulfill your wishes and only then do we start producing your customised TEAM 7 furniture.

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Sleep Book - 7

Made for you. We do not make furniture to stock, but rather to fulfill our customers’ wishes. Developed by designers, planned in accordance with your wishes by trained interior architects and realised by master carpenters: our award-winning solid wood furniture draws upon traditional Austrian handicraft skills. Each piece of furniture is a unique item, made to measure and requiring much skilled handwork. And the best thing about it – TEAM 7 furniture is available for all living areas

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Sleep Book - 8

HEALTHY SLEEP FROM A TO ZZZZ. it´s a tree story. sleep accessories We guarantee that there is one thing We give it all for your healthy sleep: you won’t find in any of our bed joints: ergonomically precise body support, pillows provide optimal support metal. This is how we prevent the optimal ventilation and natural, to your spine. And, thanks to their strengthening of existing magnetic healthy materials. In brief: our natural materials, our blankets fields. Our solid wooden beds also regulate the sleep temperature ensure a healthy room climate and – as an added bonus – regulate the...

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Sleep Book - 10

SLEEPING IN NATURE – NOW ALSO FOR THOSE WHO HATE CAMPING. it´s a tree story. riletto The riletto bed can be enhanced with stylish consoles if desired. The love for detailed craftsmanship is apparent here: The attachment consists of a joint made exclusively of wood. The consoles can be used as practical trays and are also available with an integrated drawer. Our riletto bed has received the Red Dot Design Award and was created by the designer Kai Stania. The connection between the headboard and the bed is made of solid wood and a central design element. Recessed slides give it the appearance...

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Sleep Book - 11

riletto The harmonious interplay of solid wood and leather is characteristic of the entire riletto line. It can also be seen in the accessories, which are available with bases or as wall attachments. The fronts have touch fittings that eliminate

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Sleep Book - 12

riletto Thanks to its slender dimensions, even the version of our riletto bed that comes with wooden sides and a leather headboard has that special floating appearance. Smoothly rounded surfaces give the solid material of the side sections a soft look and feel, while literally emphasising the beauty of its solid wood. In perfect unison with this are the matching riletto bedside cabinets with their typical leather sides. Their soft leather sides and handle-free design provide our riletto dressers with their clean, pure look.

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Sleep Book - 14

The relief wardrobe is a masterpiece of craftsmanship – from the inside as well as outside. With its fascinating material mix of glass and wood, it makes a vivacious impression when it is closed. This interplay gets a particular intensity from the millings that run perpendicular to the wood grain. On the inside, in contrast, it is clearly structured by practical organisational aids.

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Sleep Book - 15

NO MATTER WHAT THE LATEST FASHION, TIDY STORAGE IS ALWAYS EN VOGUE. it´s a tree story. Everything in order. An extensive and functional interior ensures comfort and a better overview of your wardrobe. Interior drawers with dividers of different sizes and optional interior lighting help to find the right style of matching combinations of items quickly and easily.

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Sleep Book - 16

WE ARE DEDICATED TO CREATING FURNITURE THAT’S JUST AS UNIQUE AS WOOD ITSELF. it´s a tree story. Sustainability & design Even if it sounds unconventional at first: our sustainability already starts with the design. Because wood is naturally robust, why our designers are carefully considering what the trends for living are that will stand the test of time and have what it takes to become classics. After all, the design of our furniture is just as timeless as the material from which it is made. Block of solid wood resilient and durable – in contrast to so many trends. This

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Sleep Book - 18

nox The rounded bed sides with their S-shaped edges are characteristic of our nox bed. At the corners, the visible wooden connections combine to form an elegant S-line. Recessed foot panels give this The flush-mounted folding handle is integrated smoothly into the solid wood fronts of our nox occasional furniture and ensures easy operation of the generous drawers. piece – designed by Jacob Strobel – a floating appearance. The headboard is available in solid wood or as an upholstered board in leathe

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