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TEAM 7 / Karl Auer linee kitchen The linee kitchen from TEAM 7 is both modern and urban. Its angular-quadratic forms, generous surfaces and clear linearity combine in exceptional elegance. The minimal design mode highlights the charisma of the selection of woods, cherry, walnut, beech, core beech, maple and alder. The successful mixture of natural wood and stainless steel imparts modern lightness and an atmosphere of comfort. Freed of all superfluous elements, the design of the linee kitchen concentrates on the direct implementation of functionality. Angular stainless steel handles underline the purist design. Wide drawers in the lower cupboards and slim upper cupboards with coloured glass doors harmonise to form an impression of unity. Light and colourful, the glass doors in white, sand, bordeaux, anthracite, black and brown provide an attractive contrast to the structure of the high-quality wood. Cushioned doors and hinges allow easy and pleasant opening and closing. Comfort arises from careful planning and expert craftsmanship providing improved living quality. The consistent design purism gains warmth above all from the characteristic qualities of high-quality natural wood which is worked by TEAM 7 using traditional methods. The company utilises high-quality warp-resistant three-ply panels for the facias. Natural wood has proven to be extremely hard-wearing - especially in the critical kitchen environment. Should, nevertheless, unattractive dents and scratches arise, they can be easily removed, an advantage which only open-pored treated wood kitchens have. Material, craftsmanship and innovative, modern design – these allow the linee kitchen to meet the high aesthetic requirements of design purists and create an atmosphere of comfort. Interested readers who require more information should contact the hotline: 0043/7752/977-700 or TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH, Braunauer Straße 26, A-4910 Ried, Fax 0043/7752/977-222, e-mail: or the Homepage Picture Gallery: This and further press releases and photos can be downloaded from Contact the editors at: GeSK, Laurinsteig 16, 13465 Berlin, Tel.: +49 (0)30/217 50 460, Fax: +49 (0)30/217 50 461, e-Mail: linee kitchen Photo: TEAM 7

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