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TEAM 7 / Kai Stania Kitchen k7 This kitchen overcomes boundaries and combines the elementary functions of the ‘living’, ‘dining’ and ‘cooking’ areas: The k7 kitchen by designer Kai Stania. At the core of the k7 is the kitchen block with its height-adjustable work surface. This provides an ergonomically-designed work space at all times. It also transforms the kitchen into a living area in terms of its appearance: By lowering the work surface, the kitchen block can be used as a sideboard, creating a subtle and understated feature. The work surface is fitted with an electric motor and 4 hydraulic cylinders meaning that it can be raised from 74 cm to 114 cm using a switch – either continuously variable or using individual programmable heights such as ‘table height’, ‘cooking height‘ or ‘bar height’. The 2009 version of the k7 comes with a projecting overhang (up to 300 cm) for an Avant-Garde look and plenty of space for dining together. The integrated downward lighting in the wall unit lights up the spice and crockery storage area. The interior of the k7 is optionally also available in an exclusive, elegant walnut design – giving the drawers and cutlery trays a more sophisticated appearance. The cook block is designed without any handles. The drawers come with an electronic (24 volt) touch service (servo drive) and open by touching the surface gently. Additional comfort is provided by the cushioned self-close function of the drawers which operates in conjunction with the touch surface. Another sophisticated feature: The stainless steel flush-fitting handle in the tall cupboard offer the possibility of accessing two fronts simultaneously. This kitchen is particularly stable with a maximum load capacity of 150kg. The k7 is formal and factual in appearance yet at the same time expressive thanks to the exciting mix of materials: Sophisticated wood, black glass fronts, quartz work surface, stainless steel – this combinations creates a synthesis of nature and urbanity, of sensuality and factual stringency. If interested, please contact the hotline for more information: 0043/7752/977-700 or contact TEAM 7 Natural Living, Braunauer Straße 26, A-4910 Ried, Austria. Fax 0043/7752/977-222, e-mail: or visit the homepage at Picture preview: This and further press releases and photos can be downloaded from Contact the editors at: GeSK, Laurinsteig 16, 13465 Berlin, Tel.: +49 (0)30/217 50 460, Fax: +49 (0)30/217 50 461, e-Mail: Kitchen k7 Photo: TEAM 7

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