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Kitchen Book - 2


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Kitchen Book - 3

We love wood. The starting point for sensible use of resources is a sustainably managed forest, which regrows continuously under the power of the sun. With the greatest care and attention to detail, we work the fine, European hardwood into unique pieces of designer furniture that share with you our love for wood in every little detail. Sustainability, responsibility and commitment to creating value in harmony with humans and nature shape the way we think and act at TEAM 7. In terms of sustainability, wood is an unrivalled material that never ceases to fascinate us. These days especially, it...

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Kitchen Book - 4

Grown for you. Because we grow our own 74 hectares of forest we understand the great value of wood and how important it is for sustainability. That’s why we make our kitchens without exception from deciduous trees that have been growing for decades in sustainable forestry. Finished exclusively with pure, natural oil, the wood surfaces of our kitchens promote a naturally healthy and comfortable climate in your home. They are very easy to care for – and to restore, if necessary. This means TEAM 7 kitchens retain their original and beautiful character for many decades

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Kitchen Book - 5

Designed for you. The perfect kitchen that makes cooking an Every one of our kitchens is designed in absolute delight – that‘s what we strive for. exact accordance with our customers’ That‘s why the norm is not good enough ideas and perfectly matched to their individual needs. A variety of heights, team is constantly working on visionary widths and depths combined with state- solutions, such as our infinitely of-the-art insides enable a wide range height-adjustable k7 cooking island.

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Kitchen Book - 6

Made for you. We manufacture to our customers’ requirements, not to stock. Our solid wood furniture is made by experienced carpenters using traditional Austrian craftsmanship to provide tailor-made solutions. Every kitchen is a unique, largely hand-crafted, bespoke piece. In our board factory, high-quality 3-layer-boards are made The elements and drawers of our kitchens are made of pure, solid wood. This technology enables us to achieve entirely of solid wood. The antibacterial effect of the amazing form stability of our boards, opening up unique the wood helps you to store your food...

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Kitchen Book - 7

it´s a tree story. More space. We build solid wood furniture for all living areas and offer sophisticated solutions for open-plan layouts. Thanks to our individual customisation and a wide range of types, all furniture programmes can be combined and adjusted according to your needs. Regardless of whether it‘s a small urban apartment or a spacious loft – kitchen, dining and living blend into a harmonious unity. THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS A HEALTHY DIET IS A HEALTHY KITCHE

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Kitchen Book - 9

GLASS SURFACES IN A COLOUR OF YOUR CHOICE.* *See available colours on NCS colour charts. linee The kitchen all-rounder. With its wide range of models, the linee kitchen offers the perfect solution for every space situation. A base cabinet with sliding door permits fronts in larger formats, enabling more ways to design your kitchen. Open to everything. Practical and decorative shelf elements liven up the kitchen design.

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Kitchen Book - 10

Wood, wherever you look. Functional alcove elements, high-quality cabinet interiors – even the drawer divisions with their flexible widths and depths are all produced from pure solid wood.

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Kitchen Book - 11

OUR NATURAL OIL IS THE KEY TO ETERNAL YOUTH – BUT SADLY IT ONLY WORKS ON FURNITURE! it´s a tree story. Natural surfaces We finish our wooden surfaces exclusively with pure natural oil. The pleasant feel of our oiled wooden surfaces is a real In this way, the wood used for our kitchens remains free of toxic surfaces will retain their beauty for a long time. practicality, from simple, daily cleaning to minor repairs. antibacterial and antistatic effect, absorbs odours and helps Treated every 1-2 years with natural oil, the wooden treat and you are sure to be won over by their everyday...

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Kitchen Book - 12

WE CREATE NOT ONLY FURNITURE, BUT ALSO VALUES. it´s a tree story. linee “Light cuisine” à la TEAM 7: The transparent side wall creates a light and airy visual effect in spite of the impressive material thickness of the extendable table. The additional space can be used as a dining area or work surfa

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Kitchen Book - 13

It’s all a question of the ingredients. The successful mix of material, consisting of solid wood, stone, stainless steel, clear glass and coloured glass, has everything that you may need for designing a modern kitchen. This includes clever additions such as practical waste separation systems and concealed switches and sockets.

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Kitchen Book - 14

NATURE FASCINATES WITH ITS DIVERSITY. SO DOES LINEE. it´s a tree story. linee Go ahead and do your own thing. Alcove units with wooden or coloured glass rear walls lighten up the appearance of the kitchen and make it feel cosier. With various handles as well as numerous cabinet and front variants, the linee kitchen offers you plenty of design options.

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Kitchen Book - 15

It‘s a storage space miracle. With modern fittings, such as this easy-to-use corner cabinet, every centimetre of space is used optimally in our kitchens. The versatile shelf system offers additional space for storing useful and decorative pieces.

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Kitchen Book - 16

linee The kitchen to please every taste. From the simple kitchenette to the luxurious eat-in kitchen with an island, classical or modern: The linee kitchen can be designed freely – perfectly adaptable to A walk-in storage space solution behind the kitchen row planned with our shelf system highlights the flexible designing options offered by TEAM 7. your requirements.

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Kitchen Book - 18

The little sister of the linee. The l1 kitchen is the attractive TEAM 7 entry-level kitchen – ideal for first-timers and small apartments. The individual elements of l1 can be combined freely with cabinets from the comprehensive linee range.

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