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DINING | LIVING it´s a tree story.

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WE LOVE WOOD. Georg Emprechtinger, Owner and Manager of TEAM 7 The starting point for sensible use of resources is a sustainably managed forest, which regrows continuously under the power of the sun. With the greatest care and attention to detail, we work the fine, European hardwood into unique pieces of furniture that share with you our love for wood in every little detail. Sustainability, responsibility and commitment to creating value in harmony with humans and nature shape the way we think and act at TEAM 7.

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Grown for you. Because we grow our own 74 hectares of forest we understand the great value of wood and how important it is for sustainability. That’s why we make all our furniture from deciduous trees that have been growing for decades in sustainable forestry. Finished exclusively with pure, natural oil, the wood surfaces of our furniture promote a naturally healthy and comfortable climate in your home. They are very easy to care for – and to restore, if necessary. This means TEAM 7 furniture retain their original and beautiful character for many decades

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Designed for you. Your comfort is what drives us. That’s why we aren’t just satisfied with standards but try to incorporate more flexibility in our furniture. We work on visionary, sophisticated solutions to make your home even more comfortable. The thirty members of our R&D team are continuously working on innovative solutions, such as the synchronous extension of our nox table

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First the design and then the interior: our consultants plan according to your ideas and spatial possibilities. The model, size, wood type and colours are first planned to fulfill your wishes and only then do we start producing your customised TEAM 7 furniture.

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Made for you. We do not make furniture to stock, but rather to fulfill our customers’ wishes. Developed by designers, planned in accordance with your wishes by trained interior architects and realised by master carpenters: our award-winning solid wood furniture draws upon traditional Austrian handicraft skills. Each piece of furniture is a unique item, made to measure and requiring much skilled handwork. And the best thing about it – TEAM 7 furniture is available for all living areas

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Open living. We make solid wood furniture for every area of your home. Thanks to the many different types of wood and our customisation service all our furniture can be combined and adjusted in any way you wish.

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magnum table and cantilever chair

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magnum A delightful feature of our magnum, the father of all extendable tables, is its patented 2soft swivel technology. It only takes a slight and gentle motion to extend the table by 50 cm, two times 50 cm, or by 100 cm. The magnum cantilever chair made of patented Stricktex is the perfect accompaniment.

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magnum Slot and pin connections show the skilled craftsmanship of our carpenters and give the magnum table excellent stability. And they also have a strong appearance: they impressively highlight the nuanced characteristics of the solid wood. Our connections don’t just bring the wood together. They also unite traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

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THE ONLY WAY FOR IT TO GET MORE BEAUTIFUL IS FOR YOU TO SIT ON IT. it´s a tree story. magnum Our magnum cantilever chair is made of a breathable Stricktex material that provides the utmost comfort. It is available in eight colours, with or without solid wood armrests, and with a framework made of chromed steel or with a palladium finish.

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cubus pure The occasional furniture and accessories of our cubus pure series are the perfect companions to the magnum table and chair ensemble. The main idea behind the design of cubus pure is the presentation of the high-quality wood or coloured glass fronts in a three-sided sheathing made of 4-mm thick coloured glass. We also fabricate the glass in the colour of your choice (based on NCS colours) to give HEIGHT, WIDTH AND DEPTH REDUCTIONS FREE OF CHARGE* *for shelving and furniture bodies, excluding lux, Home Entertainment and elements with functional fittings. you the most design options...

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venetian oak The oak posts of the mystical lagoon get replaced regularly. They are marked by a shift in the tides and the growth of mussels: our venetian oak front makes an impression with the unique appearance of its wood and gives our cubus pure occasional furniture a very special look.

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WE TAKE THE MOST DIRECT ROAD TO ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. it´s a tree story. Conservation of resources Shopping with the right attitude. Contrary to the current trends toward global sourcing, we have always relied on regional partners and suppliers. This ensures short transport routes and avoids unnecessary emissions of harmful substances.

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Grow table, grow! With its smooth synchronous extension and the gentle, protective 2soft swivel technology, our nox table can easily be extended by 60 or 120 cm. One of the characteristic features of our nox table – and also a sign of superior craftsmanship for those in the know: the S-shaped edges of the solid tabletop.

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OUR NATURAL OIL PROMISES ETERNAL YOUTH. SADLY, ONLY FOR FURNITURE. it´s a tree story. The pleasant feel of our oiled wooden surfaces is a real treat and you are sure to be won over by their everyday practicality, from simple, daily cleaning to minor repairs. This is because even dents and scratches can be easily repaired with open pore treatment. Treated every 1-2 years with natural oil, the wooden surfaces will retain their beauty for a long time. Your furniture can always be fully up to date in terms of flexibility as well: our follow-up purchase service ensures you have the option to buy...

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nox No matter how you’re inclined: Our nox bench always ensures maximum comfort. Because the shape, height and depth of the backrest enable different seating positions. magnum. The magnum cantilever chair in leather with a palladium finish frame. A design classic that would get standing ovations – if it weren‘t so comfortable to sit

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