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Product Guide Access Flooringto the >

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Owner Occupied Office: Union Pacific Headquarters,Omaha, NE, 880,000 ft > 2 Developer/Multi-Tenant: Linden Associates,Arundel Mills Corporate Park, Hanover, MD, 110,000 ft > 2 2 size="-1">

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Tates underfloor service distribution solution provides: ҕAccess Floors that offer complete accessibility to criticalservices at any location on the floor plateUnderfloor modular Ցplug & play power andcommunications/data solutions that deliver optimum flexibilityand reconfiguration capability.ҕUnderfloor HVAC solutions that are cost effective and deliverimproved indoor air quality (IAQ), personal comfort, andlower energy consumption.Best Practice Design and Benchmarking tools for designinglower cost building construction.ՕSustainable building products and methods that provideLEED Access...

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Tate offers a variety of avenues to access our unsurpassedtechnical assistance and support from design through constructioncompletion. Draw upon our unmatched breadth of experienceusing one or more of our valuable resources. > Dial 800.231.7788 to consult directly with our engineers. > As a subscriber, Tate uses the AIA Product Masterspecђ documentto generate access floor specs for you that are identical in formatto other product specs in the AIA master specification system. > A comprehensive resource for architects and specifiers complete withfull product details, architectural drawings...

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09 69 00/TATBuyLine 0734 Courthouse: E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse,Washington D.C., MD, 120,000 ft > 2 Harvard School of Public Health,Boston, Massachusetts, 40,000 ft Higher Education: > 2 5 5 size="-1">

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Panel Features ΕPerforated steel panels and GrateAire > aluminum panels arecompatible with ConCore ΕAll panels are available with top surface adjustable dampers.Steel perforated panels are available with High PressureLaminate, vinyl and rubber floor coverings.ՕGrateAire > and All Steel panels in boltedstringer systems.ΕGrateAire > die-cast aluminum panels have 56%unobstructed open area and rolling load capacity equal tothat of ConCore > ή aluminum panels are available with an unpaintedtextured surface or epoxy powder coatings. > 1250 panels (1000 lbs/800 lbs). GrateAire > ή Panel(with 56%...

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Understructure Features ΕPosiLock > design provides self-engagement and positioning offloor panels. ΕSelf-capturing fastener remains within the panel - will not get lost.Steel pedestal head provides optimum strength.ՕPedestal nut provides anti-vibration and locking features. Seismic force-resistant pedestals are available that limit oreliminate the need for special bracing.ՕTypical floor heights from 6"-16". Panel engagementfeature viewed from underside PosiLock > Understructure Features ΕAvailable in floor heights from 2 > 1 / > 2 " to 4".PosiLock > ծ design provides self-engagement and...

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09 69 00/TATBuyLine 0734 Library: East Atlanta Library, Atlanta, GA, 6,000 ft > 2 Developer/Multi-Tenant: FoundrySquare, San Francisco, CA, 385,000 ft > 2 11 size="-1">

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Available with a wide selection of conductive and staticdissipative coverings.ՕAvailable with top surface adjustable dampers.Interchangeable with woodcore panels. Օ25% open area. Epoxy paint finishՕClass A flame spread rating Perforated Panel (with 25% open area) Woodcore Perforated Panel Air Flow StaticAirflow (cfm)PressureWoodcore Perforated Panel (inches H > 2 O)w/o damperw/damper* 0.01228192 > O) 2 0.02348280 0.03428348 0.04492408 0.05552456 0.06612504 > Static Pressure (inches H 0.07652540 0.08696580 0.097486160.1784652 Perforated panel with damperPerforated panel without damper >...

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The advantages of access flooring and underfloor systems areapplicable to a wide range of building applications - from office toeducational to laboratories, casinos and beyond. Just like thebuildings themselves, the spaces within them have varied andspecific requirements, both functionally and aesthetically. As withconventional flooring, the access floor finish options are limitless. Selection of the many floor materials and finishes available CorkWood StoneLuxury Vinyl Rubber High Pressure LaminateStatic Control Vinyl Carpet TileLinoleumFreelay Hard Surfaces > 16 size="-1">

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Integral Trim > ή Edge Features Decorative edge is routed into the HPL, exposing its colored core. Օ Superior wear resistance - will not detach, chip or crack. Cost effective alternative to laminated panels with separatetrim pieces.ՕA full range of colorful HPL patterns are available in > 1 / > 16 "and > 1 / > 8 "thickness with either black or brown edge trim colors.Suitable for use in equipment rooms, computer rooms,electronic assembly facilities, and areas with frequent or heavyrolling loads. Integral Trim > ծ Edge is a durable andaesthetic design. > PosiTile > ή System Features 24"...

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A full offering of accessories are available to complete youraccess floor and underfloor service distribution installation.Contact Tate @ 1-800-231-7788 for more information. Glass & Window PanelsՕAirFlow Dampers Air Grilles ՕFascia Components Expansion JointsՕSeismic PedestalsPanel Lifters ՕRamp Components Step Components ՕHandrails Wet Area Accessories Perimeter Trough > VAV Diffuser Modular Cabling (passive)Grommets Plenum Divider > Attaches to the pedestalfor easy accessibility for heating and cooling Passive Diffuser > Modular WiringHigh Capacity PVD > 18 size="-1">

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State Government: Capitol Area EastEnd Complex, Block 225, Sacramento, CA, 225,000 ft > 2 Casino: Tulalip Casino,Marysville, WA, 195,000 ft > 2 Renovation: The Snead Building,Louisville, Kentucky, 65,000 ft > 2 19 size="-1">

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Tate Building Technology Platform > ή , ConCore > , GrateAire > ή , PosiLock > , PosiTile > ή , PVD Servicenter > , Floating Floors > ή and Integral Trim > are registered trademarks ofTate Access Floors, Inc. Ω 2007 Tate Access Floors, Inc. >

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